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  1. Currently on a GTX 660, the 1070 looks really tempting right now, especially for the price.
  2. _Dia

    Space Thread

    Twice as fast, four times the energy, eight times the heat too. ULA seriously better be doing something because at this rate the Falcon Heavy will just dominate the heavy lift sector.
  3. If you're not doing anything significantly better than the rest of your team then you're a pubbie. Hence why you try to not play like one, because when you do, you're usually doing something wrong.
  4. Shit players could still clip you if you made a mistake though.
  5. I can see next year's title from here Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 2 *Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Edition included as pre-order bonus.
  6. Well they'll nerf the shit out of the T-22. Then again it's more broken than the TVP ever will be.
  7. E A B 0 E A B 0 5 0 B A E 0 B A E
  8. I was referring to the other markers that tell you which tanks haven't even been lit. You could deduce it from the minimap markers but it makes it so much easier. Edit: what snorgasm said
  9. WHAT IF I LIKE RAINBOWS HUH The only thing I miss about XVM is the spotted markers for tanks. It gets hard keeping track of what's been camping in the back and what's potentially around the corner. Otherwise the info really isn't that helpful.
  10. Then you might as well gimme their names. Also how is Tier 10 clubbing. We had a 183 in our platoon. Like wut
  11. It's not that weird. I understand Shanghai dialect just from being around my parents when they used it so much but I can barely speak it.
  12. I really don't think of organizing my thoughts as using a language. And yes I know they still understand, but for someone who has never heard or been able to use a vocal language, it's not like they think in sign language.
  13. I don't really believe I think in any language (how would deaf people "think" in that case?). But if I had to pick it'd be English, with a little bonus of being able to converse in Mandarin.
  14. NA meta isn't EU levels of camping and passivity. I've platooned plenty where people have easily abused the 9.7s reload on a group of targets. Not saying the 150 doesn't work but I honestly think it might just be meta differences in this case.
  15. tl;dr 128 if you're actually playing for real, 150 for fun.
  16. Used to use Malwarebytes but Windows Defender does the job nowadays. Woah it's you.
  17. I use a Logitech G403 Hyperion Fury. Fastest tracking on any mouse available (I believe) so if you have a decent monitor and mousepad it should be fine for cs;go. Edit: I don't mind the weight but I can see it being a bit heavy (just slightly for cs;go).
  18. I'm seriously considering a visit down to Florida when either Falcon Heavy launches later this year or SLS in ~2018 (I think?). Never been to a rocket launch before (stuck in the Northeast heh) so I'd consider it a pretty exciting sight to see.
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