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  1. They can get pretty loud! Space Shuttle launches were even louder than this (solid boosters the Shuttle had gave a pretty distinctive sound), so I'm pretty excited for SLS as that'll be a sight to hear. One of the Apollo Saturn V launches shook a news casting building several miles away.
  2. Ok I just absolutely need to post this. Elon retweeted it but probably had to delete it because of PR.
  3. Oh I know. I meant it came down really hard in CRS-6 with a ton of lateral velocity (reason why that barge attempt didn't work) the side thrusters didn't seem to compensate for The rocket and the barge don't communicate though. Both just try to maintain a very precise set of GPS coordinates. Barge tries to stay as still as possible while the rocket does its thing. I wasn't surprised when it didn't hit exact dead center. If the engine fails to restart for the landing burn somehow, it's gonna lawn dart onto the ship. They're apparently going to actually reuse this one for potential cu
  4. Yup, I posted a video on their CRS-6 landing attempt in my Space Thread. Looks like they made some good adjustments on the final re-entry/landing burns and gas thrusters. The trajectory was still parabolic up until the last moment when it pretty much went vertical on landing. I can't wait for the Falcon Heavy when we have 2 stages returning to land with the central stage going for the barge. Also can we get her to be the new speaker for all future launches please?
  5. I feel like the streaming + teaching combo puts some strain on his own performance though. Maybe. I feel like I know he can do much better.
  6. wn8's just a prank bro play for fun lol
  7. Fuck every single shitbag arty that hits me. Module and crew damage is crazy, at least in the few games that I played it. Solid 2300 DPG because fuck arty. Armor is still garbage even after turret buffs because nobody shot that anyway. That's all.
  8. The whole 4 year vs community for 2 yrs and transferring should be his own decision to make with his parents. As for Poland or summer school, he fucked himself over when he didn't predict this beforehand and took 4 unexcused (or however many he had beforehand) absences. Repeating the year is completely stupid and shows how stupid the district guidelines are, so assuming he wants the 4 year path, his best option is to just go to summer school. I don't think that should affect his transcript and he gets a good experience to have and possibly include on his college apps. The whole "fuck the rest
  9. The thing is, the college admissions system in the US places an awful amount of weight on, among other things, AP classes that students take and actually finishing high school. As nice as enrolling in community college with a head start may seem, social peer pressure from both friends and teachers to get into a solid, well-ranked 4 year college or university is going to outweigh any advice like that for Pupil. You could get this petition signed no problem, but just like what was mentioned before, have your friend fix up the picture. You don't have any excuses for cutting the earlier
  10. You can't forget that the 50B had a buff near or at the same time the 57's gun handling got nerfed. 50B-APCR and 57 were both decent at sniping before but obviously the 50B is superior now. Also the purple poster tag doesn't mean much nowadays lol.
  11. Clipping a Tier 8 and most of a Tier 9 out before they can even fire or react in most cases is what makes this tank fill its role really well. It also slaughters Tier 10's when it's left to do its thing. 50B has the mobility and APCR but I'd argue that the 57 is still a really good corridor tank. I'd still argue that the dispersion could use some buffing. 6 and 7.5 seconds makes a huge difference when you're up against mediums. It's one shot you take in a 57 against two that you take in a 50B. And if you're trying to snipe something with the 57 you're doing something wrong anyway. You
  12. This all falls apart the moment you have equally skilled players with very different playstyles. There are situations where you need to talk to the other guy in order to determine what they're doing/etc.
  13. Pressing A+W/D makes turning a lot faster than what it was before (at least it feels that way). That first gear really feels quick. Acceleration forwards and backwards is definitely slower though. If you hold the handbrake for long enough you can do a 180 on most fast mediums.
  14. If you're in a super heavy your best choice is honestly 0 line. 8-9 works well if your team cooperates with you and pushes hill while you distract. Otherwise, you better just prep your ass for arty.
  15. Looks like I'll have to pick some up and try it. The Lao Gan Ma stuff is getting pretty stale now after I've used it for a year.
  16. Being in the clan doesn't make it easier to get into one of the teams if that's what you mean. They're pretty separate from the clan. For a complete outsider to the league, people recommend doing the gold league quals or a silver team that's probably gonna make it up to gold.
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