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  1. Antonio I agree with your 2500 bar on super-uni but how many of those might are available or willing to go answer questions?/Not super opinionated. Also the bar could perhaps be set to around 60 day 2200+ and Tier 7+.
  2. _Dia


    Dai doesn't have 100 battles in the Leo 1 yet. Survival rate and average damage is still save-able if he plays well for his next 200 games. As bad as 804 DPG and the survival rate is there might be some important things that could be taught. I can try to platoon but are there any purple guys that are willing? (Would probably do a better job than I could ever do)
  3. The Live Oaks position is what I do. It's got a nice mound you can hull down as well. A few downsides that I've noticed though: If you are proxy spotted by anything that goes behind the mini-town in B5, enemies in the water in H8 can have shots. Arty that sets up in J0 have shots if you're spotted. Unlikely but If you by chance have nobody camping E2/3 enemies can peek out and hit you.
  4. I look over my Wot Statistics application once in a while and notice that it's usually hovering around 2000-2100. However I always notice certain types of games that drag it down. I mostly play Tier 10's. There are ones where their team fell so quick I couldn't even get spots, damage, or kills, the ones where my team gets stomped badly where I can't make any use of it, and the ones where it was neck and neck in terms of tanks killed for both teams but I only came out with ~2000-2300 damage because I wasn't in an ideal situation to be dealing damage or helping anybody out. I'm also tr
  5. You can do fine in Tier 8's with the 122-44 with that DPM and camo. Load half APCR for hard to pen Tier 8 and 9's.
  6. From the NW spawn, with something fast, you can generally go along the shoreline and head to K4. There's a small dip at K3/K4 that you can hide in. Works well if ~a chunk of your team is at base. The bush that I circled allows you to quickly peek up and back down. Anybody that tries to go after you will get spotted and usually destroyed by your team. If not, simply track them as they crest the ridge and let your team do the work.
  7. I'd recommend watching streams instead of channels on YouTube. Quicky on EU is good although I wouldn't recommend Jingles if your aim is 1900+ WN7. If you go to the WoT subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/)and hover over "streams" a list pops up. Anfield, Rat, and Junkers are all really good players that you can watch/observe. If you bug Junkers he's willing to platoon with you. In addition to watching them when they are live streaming you can also find their past broadcasts that they've saved.
  8. Hey there! Very uncommon for somebody to have only 1400 battles and already have a nice, solid grasp of the game. There's an entire thread regarding community mentors that would be willing to help you out that you should check out here:
  9. Played a match in it. Edit: 0 line push from north/1 line push from south can be viable, at least for the battle I was in. Doesn't seem good though. Although the forest might prove to be a pain. There's no cover like Okeano said. Not looking forward to it.
  10. If you have the event that your team doesn't do that the green spawn can semi-pincer your team though. I haven't played Encounter on this yet so...
  11. The old Komarin had the spawns north and south like the new one but with their respective bases in 1 and 0 line instead. This caused some issues with fast capping and what not. The new one now has the cap circles where the teams spawn. A5 and K5. Old Komarin I wouldn't recommend pushing 1 line from the south spawn and 0 line from the north spawn. Tanks will usually set up at K1 for south spawn or A0 for north spawn and just defend there. Last time I played this map was when I was a complete scrub. Middle offers cover from both sides, usually ends up being a small brawl there. W
  12. I'm not used to 35 FPS on improved so I play with standard graphics at 60-70. I found out about this on these forums (forgot who or where, credit to that person) and it seems like it might be able to help you with making standard less dull. http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/sweetfx_shader_suite_download.html I haven't tried this at all so I don't know how it might affect your FPS.
  13. All the V/IV needs is an alpha/pen/depression buff.
  14. Sorry Sela, just have what I think is a good spot for town in Live Oaks that I'd like to suggest. Credit to KraftLawrence for showing me this amazing spot. If you're in a rather fast heavy or a medium, the spot the yellow arrow points to in C4 is a really nice firing lane. It's arty safe (unless arty goes all the way to J9), the inevitable TD's and people who stay at E2/3 can cover you if anything in B5 tries to flank you, and you can often catch all of them coming into the city. Lots of people will back up for cover thinking their left side is safe but you often have shots. There is also
  15. _Dia

    World of Codes

    OOPMan: Defcon activated! Thanks
  16. Really interesting and nice to see somebody not rushing up the high tiers, instead of doing the opposite. I would say your 60 day stats are good so far. Go for tier 9 if you have the credits and exp., etc. but if you want to develop read guides and watch replays of good players. Those are really the best way, imo, to get the hang of tactics and the tank itself. Out of your options for Tier 8, I would say go for the E5, as it's a great Tier 10, compared to the ones that the other tanks lead to. Also, IS6 is an awesome Tier 8 premium.
  17. >.< Hello again. I'm guessing SEA forums have just as many tears/terrible threads as NA does?
  18. Had an extremely crappy game in my Bat today in Mines. I arrive at the hill first and climb up only to get hit by a tank sitting in near the base of the slope on their side. Their Lorraine and 121 come up and I get hit by the 121. At this point I realize that while the Lorraine hasn't fired yet he will very soon so I scramble off the hill back to my side. I suffer some HP from the rather quick drop. At this point I have ~200 HP left. tl;dr I try to go hill and they end up taking it. While I realize that I should have seen that I would get no other tanks to go with me to the hill and sh
  19. Hello all! First post here and I'm hoping most of you gud players put up with this awful first post. Made this post in the WoT forums but the French med section apparently gets 1 view per day or something so this is just gonna be a copy paste. Wall of text warning- tl;dr at end of post. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Having recently got the BatChat, I admit I am terrible with it. After ~70 or so battles I have a laughably bad 40% in it despite my best attempts to carry or try to win. I'm maintain
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