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  1. 121 5.4k dmg Top gun carry. WN8: 10,076 http://wotreplays.com/site/2088584#highway-liter0fcola-121 SS: http://i.imgur.com/mWkKXmd.jpg Playing an avg round on highway when the city starts to look like its in trouble. I RTB to defend base and help guys in city but its too late, get a few shots off as i run. I move back into out base to spot for arty and TDs to increase our chance of winning. Maus, vkb, and WT4 move into out base and its me and our T92 at this point vs the Wt4, Vkb, Maus, and 2 arty. As i move into the presently clear field to get flank shots on the invaders i use Camo and spotting with coordination with my arty to take out all 3 enemys with a close call taking out the Maus. Once that was done there was some fun arty hunting with a close call and a last second kill to win. Check out the replay for some excellent game play and some REALLY close calls and funny shots, i guarantee it'll be entertaining
  2. Hello there Wotlabs, I have recently decided to get back into the game and i figured i might as well stream while im playing the game. I have been playing for about 3 years and im very familiar with the game and its mechanics. If you just don't feel like gaming but want to watch me game feel free to stop by. On the other hand if you wish to learn to play the game better you are also welcome to watch as i will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability. Here is the stream: http://www.twitch.tv/liter0fcola
  3. Hello there, just started streaming in the last week. Add me to the list for NA? http://www.twitch.tv/liter0fcola
  4. Do you live in illinois or something?
  5. Hai there, second Pbkac person to pop their head in but im just trying to keep the thought fresh in your head. We offer the epic personality of everyone in our clan along with Them gold payouts from our gold farm where we have countless Taiwanese children farming it. We also offer our strong hold credit bonuses which will get you earning 1 mill silver per hour :D.
  6. Hello there, I'm a recruiter for pbkac and if you're interested in joining a top 10 clan send me an in game pm. I'll platoon with you and we can get started from there. We are looking for active players and would love to have some more talent in the clan.
  7. My bad then, i from what i heard i was lead to believe Duke nukem was the leader.
  8. Do you even see the constant sewage your clan leader spewed out of the shithole he calls his mouth? I personally have never heard his voice or have any clue of his age but i assume it would be below 16 from how he acts on the cr/d constantly egging people on like a jack ass and never slowing down for a single moment to think of how much of a cancerous twat he is.
  9. We kicked them out a week or so before this happened. Because they are the human equivilant of trash
  10. I have no shortage of negative feelings towards Bulba and its player base. While i have a handful of friends in the clan i also have a handful of people who have complete ass holes to me in the past and some of them happen to run the clan. I have dealt with them and have low expectations when it comes to the integrity of their character.
  11. I doubt that will stop you guys from giving that piece of shit a home in your clan along with his butt buddy
  12. There's the quality EU support we all know and love Where has this been in the recent times?
  13. Tioga put Von into the posotion moments before it happen. We all trusted tioga due to his large effort he put into helping the clan over his time spent in it. He never showed any signs of discontent against otter and he was even recruting people the day before it happen. Im sure from the outside looking in its easy to blame the victim but in reality its not that simple. rip
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