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  1. My father sold his 122-44 RIP

  2. Tier 6 Japanese heavy: 120mm, 150mm of frontal armor. Looks interesting.

    1. UnusualMedic


      and as big as the MAUS

    2. RutgerS



  3. First game with the 105 on the M46: 5,031 dmg, 1,253 base xp, 5 kills. Man that stock grind was worth it! Engine or turret next?

  4. - According to Storm, more than 60 FPS doesn't make much sense because above 60 FPS the brain can't tell the difference anyway. WUT

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    2. faptastic_panda


      Everyone from WG RU is retarded, how do you not know this already?

    3. Nehkcist


      well the display refresh rate of most old screens is 60 fps so whatever excess frames your gpu provides are lost anyways

    4. Nehkcist


      In soviet russia

  5. How viable is the E3 in CW? And also if I'm gonna be getting CW tanks, 430 first or drop down for 62-a/140?

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    2. Haswell


      430 is only used if there are no 140 or 62a available for some reason

    3. Sillex


      So get both the 62 and the 140?

    4. MagentaPanda
  6. Finals start today for me, RIP.

    1. Levenbrech


      Eh...you'll do fine, relax and good luck.

  7. What is CHAI sniping?

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    2. Nehkcist


      the art of gay sex over a significant distance

    3. #NightWolf5628


      It is


    4. AGMx


      wtf is with the shit posts?

  8. Yay, my 90mm can fire even faster now! I hate stock grinds.
  9. I just love how many tanks there are and how different ones can fit different people better depending on how they want to play or what mood you are in for. I also enjoy the pretty good depth of things to learn such as weakspots, angling, and map positing depending on what map you are on and what tank you are in and what the enemy has and where they are. Also collecting tonks is pretty fun. Feels satisfying to finally get that one tank you were grinding for.
  10. I would want one. But that would require me to actually get tier 10s quicker... And get guder.
  11. A T-44 blamed me for firing gold in my IS-2. This is my first time, am. I doing it right?

    1. Melol


      Good job. Take it as a compliment

    2. westybig


      mocking them bring out some serious tears.

  12. Only got MT 15, HT 15, and three LT missions left for Stug. Hopefully I can get the E75 soon.

    1. UnusualMedic


      First game E-75 = HT-15 easy mode

    2. Praenomen_


      Driving the stock(ish) E 75 right now, it's not partucularly nice - slow, useless turret, often below 300 damage rolls :P but I can feel the power waiting for when it's maxed out.

    3. Praenomen_



  13. Question is.... can we make a TOG?
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