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  1. Id be interested in joining because im always hunting to get better
  2. I shall remember this if i ever have issues and need a replay looking at, thanks for the help and all that you are going, its great stuff and very informative
  3. Thank you so much for making this wordy yet VERY helpful guide/advice on better performing in T10 games..... I for one struggle a lot at that level and i'm not a bad player, I love T9 and really want to push my performance more by playing in T10 but everytime i do, all motivation, patience and focus just goes out of me and end up doing stupid shit or playing really poor which makes me look like a bot or something even though i'm not that bad and it's quite embarrassing really. I like grinding which is one of my enjoyments in the game and due to T10 having none of that is another issue wit
  4. Very handy read, thank you for the information as this is something i need to work on to improve most certainly
  5. Looking at these are very handy for getting to know more about a certain map as well as their little sneaky spots, thanks for sharing and hope more continues to follow!
  6. I have always used the middle mouse wheel myself, never once have i used the shift for sniper mode as its just not flexible enough
  7. Interesting read and quite helpful how ever when it comes to me grinding, i never skip tanks, i go fully from tier 1 to 10 on what ever line it is i am doing as i like the general experience fully from it all as much as i can as it all helps for a better and greater understanding in the game and how to play out or situations
  8. Its a pretty decent tank i feel, one i am currently chasing Ace Tanker in as well
  9. So this question came to mind and thought it would be an interesting one to ask on the forums and make poll about it to see how many use the given choices, basically when entering the exterior tab, what out of the 3 options do you put on your tank the most, is it just the Camouflage or Camouflage with Emblems or use all three and put on Camouflage, Emblem and Inscriptions and if so which length of time do you have them on for, 7 Days, 30 Days or Unlimited? For example, I myself mostly use just the Camouflage because that does give something in return where as Emblems and Inscriptio
  10. Just something I have been wondering about and that is, once a tank has been elited and another tank gets added in the line ahead of it, does the previous tank still stay elited or does it lose that status until you have researched the new tank? With the new tier light tanks soon coming, this is the question I have been interested in knowing. Thanks
  11. A point of which i know and really should take in to consideration being one that always want to improve
  12. Mostly its because no progression the rest is really minor really
  13. That what i mean, i use it for reasons like that but not just spam it.
  14. Gave it a little more thought as to why i dont enjoy it as much as other tiers which is most players from my experience just fire premium ammo which puts me off and i am one of them players that dont fire it unless absolutely necessary plus a majority of good players are up at that tier which i find to be a little intimidating.
  15. ??? Fair point i guess i can play for Marks and try for Aces as well as of course doing my best and getting better in general
  16. Well thats not true, not at all, i love the game and my most played online so i dont know what gives you that idea? I enjoy grinding yes, nothing wrong with that, its just that when platooning for example and they choose to play tier 10, i just lose all interest but its something i dont want to, surely there is another way to look at it to actually perk up and enjoy that tier more?
  17. Right so one of my problems with this game is having fun and doing well in Tier 10 tanks..... Basically i just don't enjoy it as much as i do other tiers because at least with those there is always something to be grinding for but nothing at tier 10 which is where i fail to have any fun at and enjoy. I don't think i'm that bad in that tier though there is always room for improvement but i struggle to do well knowing there is no progression on the line therefore i am all meh about it and dont perform as well as i should. So can anyone give me any ideas on how i can have fun and e
  18. I would not mind being apart of something like this sometime, I stream on a daily basis but I'm no unicum player (though I do try my best each and every game and enjoy learning it more) and doubt id ever be as I am happy with my current stats, wont ask for nothing less or more...... Speaking of which, curious question, do you do exceptions?
  19. I have finished my grind on the Leo, with exactly 100 Battles in it and a 52% WR, which with the top gun i definitely performed a lot more better and now on to the Emil 1
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