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  1. Sounds like a modern gatcha game...oh wait
  2. I wonder........ Maybe if it's a huge success they'll just roll the game back to 0.7? We can only dream...
  3. I uninstalled a while back and haven't looked back. I didn't play while it was installed either barring the odd game here or there last year. I have better uses for the HDD space this pig of a game uses.
  4. Eh...I think we can just agree to disagree on the fun-ness of ED I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. But for me, after 300+ hours on my end I realised it was just another one of the skinner box games I've come to dislike so much. I uninstalled it to gather dust along with all the other skinner box games I've grown sick of. I've entered a new phase of my existence where the tagline "A game you can played for the rest of your life!" is kryptonite for me :-)
  5. Right, money's no longer a problem. So now all Frontier have to do is actually make the game fun to play.
  6. I don't play this tedious game anymore, although I did see the buzz about deep core mining. I was vaguely tempted to play again until I remember I have already have a job that pays actual money I can use to buy actual things in the real world
  7. @Jesse_the_Scout You realise a lot of people hated Fallout 4 too right? :-)
  8. Still looks worse than War Blunder anyway. In that game I would sometimes stop to just take a screenshot of my mud-covered Tiger or whatever because it looked awesome, as did the structural damage you also got with some stuff.
  9. What happened to this game. The long story is the same as the short story. It sucked ass more than it didn't and no-one wanted to play. The people who did want to play found that getting continually reamed by Bandet and his chums was about as fun sticking your dick in a wood-chipper and all moved on to better things in life. In a sense, Bandet should be commended as he helped those of us who did play WoWP move on with our lives to better things. TL;DR: Bandet won, everyone else lost (and then won by moving on to less cancerous things...hopefully)
  10. Man...............you have a LOT of garbage!
  11. That's not bad actually. I still ultimately would like to upgrade for real though, but I guess something like this would do as a stopgap
  12. Water shortage is over and the new machine is A+++ efficiency
  13. Yeah, I know. Problem is, in order to get a M.2 drive I would need a new motherboard, which in turn means a new CPU and RAM EDIT: Oh, and to make matters worse the prices on PC components here are seriously jacked (Roughly 25% to 50% more expensive than in the US) and I just had to buy a new washing machine (My old one failed, repair cost was basically the price of a replacement) and I have had car repairs to pay for too. It's been a crappy two months for my wallet :-/
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