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  1. Sheesh, did someone surgically remove your sense of humour? Come on, Dirizon and his/her usage of O is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the WoT community. I remember from back in the early days on the official forums you did it there too. We're just curious... Very curious! Give us the answers!
  2. I see what you did there @Haswell... R...O... Very funny :-)
  3. Just...don't. Seriously. Do you really want to waste your time on Yet Another Shitty Grindy F2P Game?
  4. What? WoWP? Why would you even play a WG game when there are a million other games worth playing?
  5. I reinstalled it to see what's changed since the big 2.0 re-release. The answer is: NOT MUCH
  6. Eh....as we've seen with WoWP, you can make up for lack of players with bots and a warchest of cash from gullible fools
  7. Oh hey, I weight 93kg too, but almost none of it is muscle
  8. Correct. I mistyped, it does happen sometimes :-/
  9. Oh hey, they're finally adding it? I might have to check this out...
  10. I think you have a nack for playing games in a genre with shitty devs
  11. Grind is the bad game designers answer to the question of "How do I keep people playing my shitty live service game". There are no good game designers working on live service games. As a result, all live service games are shitty and grindy. Welcome to the future.
  12. Sounds like a modern gatcha game...oh wait
  13. I wonder........ Maybe if it's a huge success they'll just roll the game back to 0.7? We can only dream...
  14. I uninstalled a while back and haven't looked back. I didn't play while it was installed either barring the odd game here or there last year. I have better uses for the HDD space this pig of a game uses.
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