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  1. Here's an unconventional opinion... This game is better than it's ever been! Sadly, this is an opinion I am unable to hold...
  2. Anyone else playing this? It's pretty fun for a mobile game...
  3. @Diriz0n Why do you care then? You know the game WG are playing by now. Just come to your senses and spend your time on something less poorly run and maintained.
  4. The real WTF is that you expect a F2P game to not power creep old content into the dumpster. You should know the deal by now @Diriz0n, it's not exactly rocket science and you're an old hand: Release OP content patch Whales throw money Poorbois cry Balance patch Sleep GOTO 1 It's the oldest story in the book with F2P games
  5. Sheesh, did someone surgically remove your sense of humour? Come on, Dirizon and his/her usage of O is one of the great unsolved mysteries of the WoT community. I remember from back in the early days on the official forums you did it there too. We're just curious... Very curious! Give us the answers!
  6. I see what you did there @Haswell... R...O... Very funny :-)
  7. Just...don't. Seriously. Do you really want to waste your time on Yet Another Shitty Grindy F2P Game?
  8. What? WoWP? Why would you even play a WG game when there are a million other games worth playing?
  9. I reinstalled it to see what's changed since the big 2.0 re-release. The answer is: NOT MUCH
  10. Eh....as we've seen with WoWP, you can make up for lack of players with bots and a warchest of cash from gullible fools
  11. Oh hey, I weight 93kg too, but almost none of it is muscle
  12. Correct. I mistyped, it does happen sometimes :-/
  13. Oh hey, they're finally adding it? I might have to check this out...
  14. I think you have a nack for playing games in a genre with shitty devs
  15. Grind is the bad game designers answer to the question of "How do I keep people playing my shitty live service game". There are no good game designers working on live service games. As a result, all live service games are shitty and grindy. Welcome to the future.
  16. Sounds like a modern gatcha game...oh wait
  17. I wonder........ Maybe if it's a huge success they'll just roll the game back to 0.7? We can only dream...
  18. I uninstalled a while back and haven't looked back. I didn't play while it was installed either barring the odd game here or there last year. I have better uses for the HDD space this pig of a game uses.
  19. Eh...I think we can just agree to disagree on the fun-ness of ED I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. But for me, after 300+ hours on my end I realised it was just another one of the skinner box games I've come to dislike so much. I uninstalled it to gather dust along with all the other skinner box games I've grown sick of. I've entered a new phase of my existence where the tagline "A game you can played for the rest of your life!" is kryptonite for me :-)
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