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    OOPMan got a reaction from cavman276 in Dear god, WoT Blitz on PC is like clubbing seals with their flippers tied together.   
    Windows 10 is vastly superior to 8 and 8.1.
    Basically, it fixes all the dumb shit they did with 8/8.1 and gives you a decent OS.
    If I were you, I would try it in a VM and if you like it upgrade. I have no regrets about doing so.
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    OOPMan reacted to PrivateBert in Whats the best password security program ?   
    ha OOPMan, you are almost as paranoid as me
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    OOPMan reacted to PrivateBert in Whats the best password security program ?   
    Uploading passwords to internet. Good idea.
    I am literally laughing my ass off.
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    OOPMan reacted to kolni in How exactly am I supposed to understand how visible my tank is to the enemy based on   
    Easiest trick is to go into a training room, get hulldown, go in sniper mode and see how much hulldown it "feels", then you go third person again and see how much you're actually showing to get a feel of how much hulldown really is.
    In something like the T32 people experience what you do all the time, but they think they get shot trapped when they're actually exposing their UFP. If terrain is within your crosshair when fully aimed on a target, I'd say that you're pretty much as hulldown as can be to that specific target. However if you're talking about angles and stuff and sidescraping that's more of a 3rd person perspective view where you just practice until you get the hang of it, can't really give any concrete advise there aside from getting the hang of the angles. 
    Grab a fella in a training room, make up the situations where you are clueless and then ask him for the replay so you can watch his PoV and what he sees in comparison to what you do. 
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