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    Sad to see 110's lost it's place in competitive play Thanks for the first hand info though.
  2. You actually partially answered your doubt already. Do your homework. Increase your knowledge base. Learn armor layouts on tanks.gg. Learn where to aim and which ammo type to load. For individual skill improvement, watch replays and/or streamers, not only materials of the classes you play, but also the classes you don't play so you learn how to avoid putting yourself into disadvantage while still able to actively carry at least your own weight. And then start practicing through imitation and ask yourself why X works or does't work under A, B, and/or C condition, and see if you can develop Y for the circumstances X fails under. For teamplay, watch competitive, organized battles, i.e., clan wars, team battles, stronghold battles. Take notes in mind of where, when, and why to acquire map control, to build a crossfire, to put up a defense in depth or to press on for a full close quarter engagement. Question those moves seemingly irregular/dumb in pub matches yet turn out to do the trick, what's the prerequisite? When can it be performed effectively? What's the understanding behind the moves and what's different from the common ones? Oh, and seriously, stick with mid-tiers. Do not rush for high tier tanks. It's not because you're not welcomed (well, new players with inferior skill are in fact generally not welcomed as you pointed out, but that's not the reason), but because you need to really grind for better crew skills and equipments of ONE tank, practice with it, see how far you can go with it, and experience everything under your best condition. You can afford using more premium rounds as well around mid tier. You will not manage anything and go anywhere with a shitty crew and non-competitive loadout. After enough work out at tier 6, try tier 8, and then 10. You'll learn different meta and gain different understanding through the course.
  3. To be fair, after the numerous changes of spotting mechanics, bush mechanics, camo value, and map terrain features, vision control has long been below the power curve on most maps, especially in battle tier 8+. Back in those days of patch 0.7.x, an experienced, well-equipped, scout player could farm off tons of damage through relatively passive vision control, sniping. Nowadays it is much more difficult to achieve comparable impact under the same play style, since most old maps have been revised with long range fire lines disrupted by terrain features. and new maps were designed under the philosophy of mid-to-close quarter, dynamic game play with greater emphasis on flanking movements between complex potential fire lines and crossfire traps for less armored vehicles. But no, I wouldn't say it is perfect now. I do understand that the concept of the current vision mechanism is inherently discouraging, since you can't fight against what you can't see under most circumstances. However, it is an actually working edge for less armed/armored vehicles to exploit against those big guys with huge caliber guns and thick skins. And there has to be such countermeasure for lighter vehicles, independent of other players' course of action, or the influence of an individual heavily armored vehicle would become too much above the power curve. Such imbalance would hardly encourage teamplay, nor teach the know-how of teamplay into pubbies, while on the other hand, likely discourage the usage of lighter vehicles instead due to their total inferiority. Actually, the current tier 8 environment is already biased in favor of heavy tanks on the majority of current maps. Skirmishing is just a much more difficult task for tier 8 mediums compared to tier 6, with their heavier counterparts generally having acquired improved view range, speed and gun handling to neglect the disadvantage of distance over up-tiers. Without a better solution, the vision mechanism will keep disapproving active yet inexperienced gameplay, creating a vicious cycle loop -- since playing pure passively is actually playing to the vision controllers' advantage. So how do we break the cycle? In my opinion, the best way to learn is to play in every classes in every tier. Only through this way a player can acquire the basic understanding of how things works on each maps for each vehicle types. However, there are technical difficulties as well. As nemlengyel has mentioned, the dependency on vehicle loadouts and crew skills is much higher for vision play. For example, consider this fact: a light tank with 100% camo skill across the entire crew actually has almost doubled camo value compared with one with 0 camo skill. Now let's take view range skills and equipments, camo paint, and 6th sense into account. You can totally see a newbie who just started out to practice vision control under inferior conditions can so easily be counterplayed at the early stage of a match by a more experienced, better equipped counterpart in the other team -- passive play is again encouraged here. The old dilemma still applies: either you go out there and risk yourself yoloing to death like a retard, or you camp. The learning curve of vision control is actually steep for new players. Interestingly though, such imbalance is much less significant for brawler type of vehicles, since the armor thickness is dependent on neither crew skills nor equipments, and the damage control (i.e., repairing and fire-distinguishing) can be somewhat made up with cheap consumables. Also a brawler type of vehicle is usually equipped with gun of higher caliber and penetration potential. The learning curve is therefore significantly easier for heavy brawler tanks -- another discouraging factor for newbies to play light armor tanks.
  4. If you play carefully enough, you might just try to start with a new set of 90% crews as I did. Since most of the time you should be trying to operate in hull down positions or peekaboom during enemy reloading, instead of sidescrapping, it isn't that much of an issue without repair skill. Although it is worth noting that, as Felicius has pointed out, this tank could be prone to module damage if you're fail to hide your lower hull. Every shot into your lower hull at the front has a chance to damage your ammo rack. Also, arty can easily wreck you with a single shot on your gigantic turret, taking out 90% of your hp and a couple crew members. It also takes a long time to repair a broken track even with repair skill at 100% across the entire crew. Therefore, do trait your crew members accordingly if you plan to keep this tank.
  5. Oh yeah thanks for fixing for me. Didn't know why I typed vent...it was actually VStab, rammer and coated optics.
  6. I just finished grinding in this tank recently, averaging merely 2.1k dpg and 58% wr. Armor Personally I consider the armor effectiveness of M103 highly map dependent. As mentioned already in this thread, it turns out best when you can find a slope and hulldown behind it, exploiting your turret armor and gun depression. On a slope operating 6'~8' depression you can pretty much hide the entire weak spot on the turret roof, leaving the enemies only your gun mantlet to shoot at. The weak spots around the mantlet can be avoided by wiggling while position your hull diagonally and slightly rotating your turret. If there's no arty in the game, a M103 in a hulldown position clinging on a proper slope to can be hard to defeat. However, when it comes to maps like Kharkov, Ensk, Pilson, Stalingrad, etc., where the brawling area is all flat, the weak spot on the turret roof becomes a problem since you can no longer hide it by manipulating slope angles. What's even worse is that It can be easily overmatched by anything equals to or above 120 mm caliber. Remember the pre-buff IS-3 turret? Well put a gigantic cupola on it and you get the idea. Not to say the area above the mantlet is also weak. Since you can hardly sidescrape with the paper thin side armor, the best bet seems to peekaboo from rubble and windows, or just use your ally as cover, which I hate to do while in a heavy tank Gun There are 2 available upgrades: the first one 120 mm T122, and the second 120 mm M58. It is strongly recommended to go straight for the second one. Since the armor is unreliable, I tried to snapshot a lot to minimize my exposure span, and the aim time of the T122 is just not good enough. Equipments I wonder what do people put on this tank. I put on vent, rammer, and coated optics, but soon regretted for optics. If you grind with the T122 gun as I did, an EGLD would be a much better choice than the optics. HE Protection This tank is an absolute arty magnet. The paper side and roof armor plus the huge turret means that a direct hit would most likely penetrate and cause full damage, either killing you or rendering to completely in operational state. The number of arty ruining my game in M103 is the highest above all heavy tanks I've played, probably the worst HT grind ever for me.
  7. It took me 60ish games to figure this out lol. Got rid of my horrific 43% w/r in this tank soon after I began to brawl.
  8. Would some nice people share me a bunch of Type 59 replays please? I just acquired this tanks recently, and it has been a total disaster for me. Although my crew is new, averaging 1.4k damager per game with 45% win rate is just bad :\ My hit rate is ok @76% but my rate of penetrating shots to all shots fired is just terrible (though not spamming, I do load a reasonable amount of APCR whenever I consider the penetration of the AP is not enough for my target). For so many games it's been around 50% or even lower, and I think I need to rework on my positioning and such to be more effective at engaging my targets.
  9. This looks and works absolutely aweseome! Ty for the update
  10. Same dilemma here. I have commanded for 1k or so matches of skirmish, yet most of those were against inferior opponents, so I cannot say I'm anywhere near good. (Fortunately I have some very experienced commanders in my clan to guide me when I meet difficulties.) On micro-managining, we just had a discussion in my clan last night. During a skirmish, I tend to micro A LOT, especially my flex team. However, sometimes it is really distracting, and it prevents me from thinking things straight to call the "big shots" when needed, thus inefficient. That's when I came up with an idea to implement several rules of engagement: 1. Heavy tanks should try to preserve their hitpoints before the big shot is called, and under no circumstance should a HTer lose more than 50% of it's hp before the big shot is called. (especially for the "hammer" squad). No shot should be traded unless you're confident to deal at least double of the damage/shots recieved (usually the T32s do the job very well if assigned to a proper location). 2. The flex team (mediums and lights) should prioritize the preservation of hitpoints, to maintain the tactical diversity during the endgame. Sniping, flexing and most of all, never to get caught somewhere by an outnumbering force with no chance to disengage to survive. 3. Target selection. The objective of focus fire is to take out one enemy tank to quickly decrease their total damage output during the major engagement, or simply in some situation (for example, picking down a tank with a volley of snipe shots), just the ability of damage output. If multiple targets are presented at the same moment, the concerns should be as following: first, the possibility to take down the enemy tank (some of your tanks might not have line of sight upon it, reducing the possibility of a kill; or some of your tanks might be having a difficult angle to engage an well armored/angled opponent), then secondarily, the DPM and the hitpoints of the vehicle type. Generally autoloaders are the most prioritized target, followed with the flex team, and then the high dpm heavy tanks (often with less armor) then the lower ones (often with tougher armor). Of course, if there's an already damaged target available, it could be prioritized. An opponent vehicle occupying a critical location or denying allies from controlling it could be singled out and prioritized as well based on the choice of tactic. My objective is to get everyone conciously knowing their roles in the team and the corresponding objectives, in order to decrease the need of micro-managing to mere target selection, and I've been trying to convey such RoE to my mates. However it really depends on individual's ability to actually conceptualize the idea and to put it into decent practice. Things like this takes time after all I suppose. Another thing I implement to avoid the need of micro managing is to lead the "hammer" squad myself, and asked my mates to turn on the player ID tag to follow me around. Things don't work every time :\ though there is some improvement.
  11. Game #1: Against [JOD] at Westfield My choice at the moment could be having both the T32s and the 50/100s sit back hulldowning, to lock down C1, while the IS-3s mass up and flank through D3/4, and the 13/90s to burst out JOD's heavy tanks. After unloading the first clips the 50/100s will be on base defense. - Game #2: Against [s4TDD] at Serene Coast Personally I never have my heavy tanks into the valley around D3. It's very difficult for heavy tanks, even the most mobile IS-3, to flank uphill to play hammer and anvil. For the base defense I'd perfer to send only one 50/100 to reset (1 shot in each capper then back out), while the other one guarding your anvil (T32). 1390s can flex back to assist the 50/100 to kill the cappers and the 251s. - Game #3: Against [-1PH-] at Cliff 2 suggestions. First, I would suggest to call the T32 and Pershing to back off to F7/8 or even to push with the IS-3s. F6 is undefendable with the opponents able to engage you from both north and west. Secondarily, I'd prefer to have the 1390 to work with the 50/100, or to support the T32 and the Pershing to crossfire on F6. - There's a common problem for game #2 and game #3: the anvil (the T32 and the Pershing) got outnumbered/outflanked before the hammer (the IS-3s) could clash upon the opponents. This is of course of hindsight, but still worth the discussion. Will come back with more another time. Again thank you for the replays I hope such practice could help improve my own decision-making as well as providing feedback you might find interesting. p.s, Although it is hard to avoid hindsight, I try to make the suggestion of individual games based on the available information (i.e., oppponent vehicle types, numbers, locations, movements, etc) at the moment to make the decision/suggestion. For example, for replay #1 the call would be before lighting up the enemy Pershing and 1390s, yet already with the knowledge of the majority of the enemy heavy tanks. I'll try to label the countdown clock in the following posts.
  12. Thanks for the material. I've roughly gone through the whole zip. Will check the details and produce some feedback if I have time.
  13. There is actually a psychological point of view of your mentioned "relaxation" approach, called the flow. As a gamer of first personal shooter for years and then internet tanking, I consider the flow theory quite accurate. Could be just my confirmation bias though lol
  14. If this image is accurate, it seems to me that as long as the desired hit area of the armor (weakspot of the armor, or whatever area considered penetratable) is within half of the diameter of the aim circle, the shot will most likely count. In such sense, WG might not only discourage snap shots, but also discourage fully aimed shots under mid range? Also,it seems to be a very promising approach to do a slightly aimed shot with high penetration gun/ammo. You can expect the penetration while extending the exposure span only by a bit.
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