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  1. I can play East. No 9/10 yet though, but working on it.
  2. You can add me. Can only play East, because Europoor. Reg 8 and pref 8 prems as highest for now, grinding Rus meds.
  3. You can add me too, although T-54 Mod 1 and FCM 50t are my highest for now
  4. You can add me too. Need to build a new platoon list now that I am also playing on NA
  5. Only spotted your reply just now. Sorry dude, someone got in before you via PM.
  6. Want to start playing my NA account more. Would help immensely if someone would be interested in platooning with me through the recruitment program, so I can make use of the XP boost. Will commit to the grind with 2x T8 prems, gold package and premium account. Eastern US or EU player preferable (timezones!). Play mostly on weekdays, as weekends are usually full on work crunchtime for me.
  7. The stats don't lie. I managed to turn into a 1300WN8 scrubbie pubbie over the course of the past 2 months of not playing / working hard / only playing when tired / playing when home sick with the flu for the past 2 days. This whole casual business isn't working out for me, back to tryharding I guess...

  8. I would throw the bread out. I am severely allergic to penicillin. It could make me very ill. Make my throat swell up, or potentially put me into shock. So, I guess my advice is if it is actually toxic to you, sell it
  9. Only been playing this for 2 weeks or so. Around rep 80 now. Need to practice full stealth, but have a capable loud build going. Always looking for more people to play with. "nilzatron" on Steam too.
  10. Catering burgers at some super fancy €700/night 1-bedroom canalhouse hotel today. No idea what to expect :)

  11. Last shift at my dead-end security job last Saturday. Someone actually pulled a "can I have your stuff?"...and he wasn't kidding.

    1. RutgerS


      Did you gave him your stuff? ALSO ELABORATE ON SHIT LIKE THS

    2. nilzatron


      I gave him my jacket. But I think he also expected me to just hand him my Leatherman and fancy flashlight...

  12. Just yolo'd to enemy flag twice in a row, because I stopped caring. Tilt = real.

    1. nilzatron


      Step 1 to recovery: Disable XVM stats, remove session stat mods and stats displaying player panels.

  13. Teach a man to fish o/\o (hi-five, awwyeahhh)
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