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  1. Normally they pop up to give no details but say they're Very Excited about it.
  2. Might as well be much fewer, with the way honking the same systems over and over pays compared to actually discovering stuff for the first time.
  3. That would require FDev to realize that there's more to designing a multiplayer game than letting people play a game designed for single player alongside each other.
  4. Congratulations, you just put more thought into the longterm storyline than FDev have.
  5. I really like the character customization in Elite. Makes me vaguely hopeful that we can get realistic procgen people at some point. I just made my CMDR look like me and used my usual username so folks could find me. Not very RP but fuck it, either he wants to be like Prince or it's a callsign and his real name's a closely guarded secret. Whatever.
  6. Seemed to work. Was enough for me to buy and fit out a Type 9 to do my mining in. Didn't feel right doing it in the shiny space dildo. I sold my old Type 9 scraping together cash for the Cutter and missed it - fantastic cockpit, and it really feels weighty and ponderous to fly. Took it back out to the same hotspot, and not an opal in sight.
  7. After Frontline I should really finish fitting out my shiny space dildo. Opal mining still the thing?
  8. I I started making a series of sales posters ages ago. Should really do some more.
  9. All hail the flying brick! But would it kill them to shave a bit off the top and let it land on a medium pad?
  10. I got better at photography. More pics here, would appreciate a vote.
  11. Well, this took me way longer than expected but it's done. I'd upload more pics, but apparently I need to git gud at photography first.
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