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  1. Jesus fucking Christ. I just had to tell 10 tanks that if a Shitbarn is this far ahead of them they should probably camp less.

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    2. Tman450


      People are super retarded right now thanks to Spaghetti missions.

    3. Archaic_One


      The TD meta is back in force right now with all of the new OP bushes, in a lot of situations getting spotted early is a quick trip to garage.  I've seen 10 TDs per side in a Tier 10-9 match recently.  Plus some maps like Fjords and Mines - if you get the bad spawn, camping is probably your only hope

    4. woe2you


      Could have sworn I attached the pic to this. D'oh.


  2. Battle royale mode is made of fun.

  3. I've heard the "mighty roar of the Russian guns" Maiden were referring to. It sounds like "Motherfucker, will you please just HIT SOMETHING"

  4. Xc9iqM7.jpg

    What next? Got crew for any except the Sheridan.

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    2. Echo_Saber


      The Sheridan is a good tier 10 LT, if not the best, the problem is tier 10 lights in general are a bit on the weak side.  Like I said, I love mine though.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      The T-100LT is lots of fun just to drive around in with ridiculous camo so there's that

    4. DHP
  5. $10 off a purchase of $99 or more at razerstore.com - COREINCOR. Expires on the 10th.

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia
    2. woe2you


      I still use a DeathAdder. Wouldn't buy their keyboards, but some of their stuff seems ok.

  6. Side-effect of putting female crew in the TD line


  7. Anyone able to hook me up with a current patch Type 61 replay with at least 1 MoE on the barrel? It's for Milky.

  8. Bored, so I'm starting an NA account. Anyone want a T95E2?

  9. Just saw you in game. Would have said hi, but you were on the other side. :/

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    2. woe2you


      Damned if I can remember. I had a quick look through my last few games and can't see you, but I distinctly remember recognising your name and going to say hi because I'm not used to no all chat yet.

    3. leggasiini



      rip all chat 2011 - 2016

      press f to pay respects


    4. woe2you
  10. So, I was up all night, mostly playing tanks. A few minutes ago I see this:


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    2. woe2you


      I'm not going to go full tryhard until I hit 90%.

    3. ZXrage


      What a nice name. :^)

    4. woe2you


      Daft Punk were right, apparently.

  11. Any chance you could help me out with this? School was a long time ago and I don't get the idiom.


    1. Sidus_Preclarum


      You got shafted (litterally "got it deep in the bone")

      no, no, you don't understand, you got shafted deep, do you feels* how much ?

      * grammar mistake here in the original message :P

    2. woe2you


      Cheers. Did feel like I got the shaft a bit.

  12. Everyone has a niche


    1. Crossfader


      +/-2MM its a feature, not a bug

    2. MonoPanda


      I met him once in my bromwell and he was pissed of as i kept him lit in his E25. He yoloed me and killed nearly the whole team. This is a scary fella :damn:

  13. So, I log into my main for the first time in ages and apparently I'm teal now. Weird.

  14. When the game gives you a little hint that it's time to go to bed...


    1. saru_richard


      how the hell did platoon one on your team did 0 damage when two of them are playing tanks know for there gun handling?

    2. woe2you


      Pure talent.

  15. Well, I finally did it. 5 years in the making:


    1. kestenovski



      i'm missing low tier stuff. guess i'll never get that shit coz i can't stand low tier games. i yolo and die and hope my team wins so i get 20 xp instead of 10. fuck low tiers.

    2. woe2you


      Oh, I'm still missing a couple of low tier kills for Master Tanker - this is the one for researching ALL THE THINGS.

    3. kestenovski


      oh, derp. i'm sorry for ranting about a totally different thing then. 

  16. Working on getting woepack updated for 9.14

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    2. woe2you


      Uh, ignore the dev link. Regular version is good to go now.

    3. MacusFlash


      Thanks. I feel much better without those annoying spammers. 

    4. woe2you


      I love that mod so much. I can just about remember how frustrating the pingpingpingpingping was, but only barely.

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