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    woe2you reacted to Private_Miros in I dont understand why some people think the Type 59 is overhyped garbage. The tank fu   
    Because the hype makes it appear ridiculously OP; undamagable, snap shot accuracy, on a ufo platform.
    It's just a sluggish, inaccurate, high bloom tank that has enough very strong points to counter those and perform great in limited MM.
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    woe2you reacted to Sidus_Preclarum in Seriously, CD Projekt Red ?! "meet me at the Mère Lachaiselongue cemetary" ? I dunno   
    (Witcher III : Blood & Wine, in case you're wondering)
    *edit* "a certain professor Moreau conduction experiments on witcher mutations" oh ffs, come on…
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    woe2you reacted to TheMarine0341 in https://www.reddit.com/r/ProRevenge/comments/4w22pr/governor_of_missouri_takes_money_   
    Sure. I just have to live with the consequence and the lack of testicles
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    woe2you reacted to Sidus_Preclarum in Any chance you could help me out with this? School was a long time ago and I don't ge   
    You got shafted (litterally "got it deep in the bone")
    no, no, you don't understand, you got shafted deep, do you feels* how much ?
    * grammar mistake here in the original message
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    woe2you got a reaction from no_name_cro in soo.. from tomorrow, batchat 25t is TOT, please everyone spam me consumable choices,   
    Why can't they show totalled votes on each language page ffs? Caught me too.
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    woe2you reacted to Folterknecht in Protip: don't use a fork to fish the toast out of the toaster because I just fried ev   
    Did you at least get a new hairstyle out of it?
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    woe2you reacted to Razavn in I heard that I could post things I found on the internet for mad updoots.   
    So should they be known as "pomegorenants" now?
    I'll....I'll show myself out.
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    woe2you reacted to westybig in We gone too soft.   
    while i agree with you on the second part of your reply a couple of things.
    -you trust in the US government to make decisions that arnt meant to influence voters or twisted into some kind of angle?
    - as a massive history nerd i know that millennia of warfare has shown the majority of mankind is not actually cut out for combat
    -many psychologists have agreed that being a transsexual causes significant mental stress/ trauma more so than a heterosexual/ homosexual person would have to go through
    so being a person who has no military experience myself, i have based the fact i dont not support transsexuals in the military upon the fact that most people who do not go through the process of becoming a transsexual are actually not cut out for combat, and by that rationalization i would assume the vast majority of transsexuals are not either since they go through more significant mental issues than the average person.
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    woe2you reacted to YesThatWasAPCR in We gone too soft.   
    I prefer to think that people much smarter than you have thought this over and are OK with it. Having been in the military, I really don't care as long as whoever it is can do the job. I knew tons of heterosexuals that were totally unsuited for the military, or just flat out incompetent.
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    woe2you reacted to MacusFlash in Can anybody tell me what plane this is? http://imgur.com/a/PkBRO   
    Unfair one... Sorry, had to say that.
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    woe2you got a reaction from Xen in   
    I think Sharon should've spent less on her kitchen.
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    woe2you got a reaction from rumpage in My computer crashes when put into sleep mode without bluescreen report or anything in   
    Disconnect everything non-essential and see if it persists. If not, it's an issue with a driver for something you unplugged.
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    woe2you reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in Why is tier 7 such a trash tier. Having to compensate for your top tiers is so much f   
    That would imply that I'm going to play the VTU 

    My body is ready.
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    woe2you got a reaction from Xen in   
    gg, wp
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    woe2you got a reaction from ADeadMan1 in Reply All to distribution groups in Office 365: The Bane of corporate Emails   
    Doesn't stop them asking, usually.
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    woe2you got a reaction from Nope in Fuck you pubbies, have all my fucking APCR: http://wotreplays.com/site/2657622#redshi   
    Enjoying the filth while you still can?
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    woe2you got a reaction from BlackAdder in How difficult is programming in assembler language?   
    David Braben made Elite and Frontier fit on a single floppy each through Assembler wizardry, these days real computers aren't so resource limited and embedded systems are the only place you'll come up against it in the wild.
    High level languages were created for a reason.
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    woe2you reacted to Zinn in Welcome to the age of overt political correctness and social justice warriors - where   
    I am offended on your behalf
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    woe2you got a reaction from OOPMan in   
    White people can't wear dreads? Shit. Someone needs to tell the Celts, Gauls and Vikings they're committing cultural appropriation...
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    woe2you reacted to nemlengyel in -causally logs into looooong forgotten NA alt- 1 MIL credits DAFUQ I wish I could tra   
    bwhahahahahha I'm dying
    this acc has a KV-1 so I just type "cyka blyat" in chat and then try to play and then fail spectacularly b/c 120+ ping
    send help
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