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  1. Not directly responding to the OP but it sounds like a lot of you had a chance to connect with good players willing to mentor and had good experiences. Where would someone that is looking to learn from better players such as yourselves connect with players willing to platoon/mentor? I know there is a WoTLabs channel in game. Do people hang out there that are willing to platoon or do you need an in somehow?
  2. Hope you realize that the is-6 only has 4 crew members and the is-7 has 5. You will be missing a loader when you transfer the crew to the is-7.
  3. You really don't need to run HEAT on the T-54. Does it make it better? Yes. Is it required to do well? No. Carry a few and use them when needed but most of the time you won't need to. I do recommend free xp'ing the top modules on the tank though. I didn't and suffered with a bad gun shooting premium rounds, crappy turret and a slow tank for far too long.
  4. Speaking of the Japanese medium line, did you play up the entire line or free xp to the STA? Have you found that techniques and tricks learned from earlier tanks helps with the STA? I've found them to play quite similarly to the leo 1 line. Don't get hit, use your team to distract and turn turrets while you get shots in when you can.
  5. Generally what I do in the beginning before the match starts is look at the tank composition on both teams and decide where I would be most useful. If the enemies have more mediums then they may be able to overwhelm the map's usual medium spots, if they have more heavies they may be able to take the usual heavy spots. Then based on what tank I am in I make a decision about where I can help out the most. Should I support our stronger side and help them push through? Does our stronger side have enough skill that they will be able to push through without me and allow me to support the weaker side
  6. In my quest to improve my game, I would like to improve my ability to use camo to snipe without being seen. Lately I think my experience per game has been lower than I would like because I use others to spot for me more often than not. This is partially due to the tanks i've been playing (leo 1, Chi-To, Chi-Nu) but I feel I could do better in this regard. I make use of bushes when I can but I find more often than not I'm guessing about whether I will be seen or not if I fire. This results in my taking a shot and backing into cover to see if sixth sense went off, and if not poking back up and
  7. The match started out pretty well, at one point I thought I was going to get overrun but they never pushed into me. I ended up making it all the way to a 2v2 in the end when success got to my head and I derped into the two tanks on the cap. I missed a rear shot on a tiger II. In hindsight theres a couple of things I would have done differently at the end but I was pretty excited about how well the game was going. Still 18731 wn8 isn't anything to sneeze at
  8. I didn't realize the STB-1 is a heavy tank... Something needs fixing somewhere.
  9. You could argue that greater accuracy made its weak spots easier to hit but overall there has actually been a nerf to pen (when the T110e5's gun's pen got nerfed from 268 to 258). Granted new tanks have been released that have high pen but their pen isn't any higher than other pre-existing tanks were. After playing my T110e5 like a heavy for too long (trying to push like a heavy would), I feel like i'm finally figuring out that the best thing to do is avoid getting hit at all (if you can). If you get hit and get a bounce consider yourself lucky but don't rely on your armor.
  10. I think quite a few people have old clans like that "taking tier 8 premiums into clan wars is totally okay if thats what you have. We just do it to have fun... Guys the only reason we lost is cause they had a full team of tier 10s..." Yea. Been there.
  11. How does one go about getting a hold of these replays? I'm heading up the leopard 1 line now (at the Indien Pz.) and would like to learn how to better play these tanks.
  12. I finished up my vk30.02d grind with 57% win rate in it. I'm at work right now so I can't check the other stats but I feel I did reasonably well. I ended up sticking with the upgraded turret and L70. I start matches by sniping/spotting stuff for pubbies that refused to move up (was trying to do the aggresive positioning, defensive play thing Sela talks about). Mid match and later I start going after distracted tanks and using my reasonable depression and fairly good mobility to start causing havoc. On to the Indien Pz.!
  13. I'm having some trouble with my 30.02d as well. I'm using the 75mm as it has higher penetration and only slightly less dpm than the 88. It means I don't need to use gold rounds nearly as often. I've been getting a lot of tier 9 matches lately. I've found it is hard to do well when my team decides they want to die instead of living long enough to provide me with opportunities to shoot distracted tanks. It feels like a pretty weak tank. I did quite well with the 30.01d but the 30.02 just feels like the same tank with slightly better armor and the lower agility to go with it. Maybe in the
  14. Thighzen


    With the upgraded turret on the 30.02M you get a higher rate of fire. 14.29r/m on 30.02M vs 13.64r/m on the 30.01D's top turret.
  15. Thighzen


    If the armor is such that you want to avoid getting hit, why wouldn't you just use the vk30.01d. It is more mobile, and has the same gun. It does have slightly less dpm, but it can get it to where it needs to be faster and in a smaller package.
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