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  1. On struggle street at the moment with knowing how to consistently play well. I have recently returned from a rather long break of playing. Only came back as I've since decided to seriously improve my play. I have taken it upon myself to watch streams to try and pick up on a few things, mainly to do with positioning on maps as well as loadouts to use on tanks etc. However I have discovered that it's not as easy as the pros make it look, and as a result it frustrates me and in turn makes my session suffer. I've been playing the batchat a lot since I've started playing again as it is a blast to p
  2. Add me if you want. Mainly just grinding my bat crew skills/marks
  3. If I'm not too much of a nub I'd platoon with you!! My friends list is sadly dead too. Rip just add me whenever o7
  4. Will add you all when I can get online
  5. Just recently returned to WOT after a massive break. Friends list is pretty dead right now. Looking for people to toon with who won't play one night and stop. Would be nice to play with people much more experienced with tactics, stats etc for me to learn from on tiers 8-10 mainly. I'm from Australia so the hours that I play are different to most people, I'm on most week days if school isn't too hectic. That however changes on weekends. Can also join TS too. Good luck out there with the teams
  6. Still looking for active fwends to help with pubs
  7. <3 Your raging. Your voice is soothing
  8. NA West preferred but East is tolerable ping wise. I'm looking for people I can add to my friends list to spam with invites in game. (Even if you don't accept it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy knowing people need you) I run tiers 8 to 10. With the occasional Sky Ebola (For mission purposes of course) Although I do have a nice clicking technique going. Need players willing to help me improve as a player with pointers on tank placements, and map strats. The occasional rage is inevitable with all those Ebola players huehuehuehuehue I'm from Australia so the times I play a
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