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  1. That bushline is pretty difficult to work simply due to how thick it is with so few breaks to actually use your camo to peek through. Getting proxied by an oncoming tank that isn't a superheavy is common if you don't have really good view range as others have said more or less. Also as a tip. Make your minimap bigger a bit. It helps keeping an eye on it so you can react faster and get out of spots like that if your team is light
  2. The Wheelie Lords or the Scourge of the Tires. I'd honestly have rathered the brit LT's over the wheelies. I own a wheelie 105 and I just don't play it outside of cw's.
  3. I know it's late. But I'm happy this thread continued for as long as it did. My long departure from it was probably not the best thing. However I had my reasons. I want to say congratulations to Hibachi and everyone else who has really been able to make use of it. Thank you for participating.
  4. Essentially. It's a forum run by some really bad. Old people. I tried to help the site owner at one point years ago before it came to that. VladimirsRevenge and his ilk. Believe me. The garbage pouring off them is like slag in a steel mill. There's nothing really to be done of it. They're delusional and so they believe delusional things.
  5. Hay guys! I'm here! Let me just say I don't live in Arizona. I live in New Mexico. It's been a trial for me. I've been battling depression which came back with a vengeance and Signy has been taking care of me, and some things around the house and stuff like the proper goat she is. Not eating can's though thankfully. But, I'm back on my medication and it really does make a massive difference. Let me just say a few things. First off. The reason I'm not entirely active anymore is because I have very little to contribute to this thread anymore. This has become a place of helping others.
  6. The man can't keep me locked up. Gotta get head somehow. Keepin my peeps safe. My house is on fire. I'm 2 hot. Hey yeah we're doing okay. We've settled into new mexico and are living life one day at a time. Keeping up as we can. Saving here and there. Scraping and stuff. But we're doing okay. Also yeah that will happen. Nipple sensitivity all that..Mood stabilizers help a lot with the swings if you can get them via your shrink. Everything kinda blew up for a while. It took me a Really long time to heal. But, I'm alright now for the most part.
  7. You know? You look fucking Fantastic. Never think that you don't. You are an Adorable woman and I..well, I can't say that out loud. So, I give you all this.
  8. Alesia. Come relax in my stream. I'm playing bf1 story if you want a distraction. twitch.tv/anarmyofbun
  9. Yes that's true. However. The pathway from HRT to surgical options can come up much more quickly than you think, especially if you set a plan to do it. That's what I did, I made a plan and stuck to it and pushed for it. It's a matter of a few things. Focus, effort, sacrifice and circumstance. Generally speaking humans can get a lot done when they really put their minds to it. Being if its 1-2-3 or 1-58. You know? I'm just here to offer my experiences now.
  10. I went through just the GCS with her. Augmentation I had done in Virginia. Though by her work I'd say her augmentation would be really worth it as well. My cost for GCS was $21,500 USD. I split it between credit/cash. The hospital only takes cash/credit but Dr Rumer takes care credit. Her work is superb, the scarring is minimal and everything *works*. all of it works. Many concerns are over the ability to be wet. She preserved that ability in me Extremely well. My nerve function is great and my look is very natural. Its been seven months and the final healed results aren't 100% v
  11. Again. Just going to mention it. Dr. Rumer of Rumer Cosmetics does amazing work. For anyone considering what I've had done? Go to her. Many many reasons.
  12. I'm going to compile a NSFW "This shit happens" post op guide I think. It's 4 AM and I'm just going over recent things like "Fucking christ I wish someone told me." Not bad things. Just very scary things when all of a sudden you frankly do not know how your body works in a sexual manner anymore. I really have to give my surgeon credit. Holy shit. I'll speak further in PM's if anyone wants to know while I write.
  13. Welcome to the thread. Please enjoy everything here! It's been painstakingly put down by every contributor. Everything here is from real people. Real experiences. It's amazing.
  14. Hey guys if you need a distraction I'm streaming d3 again. twitch.tv/anarmyofbun or whatever. Alesia, hang in there. It will get better.
  15. 1. Never had it. 2. Both best depending on sauce. Pork better with South Carolina sauce cuz tangy. 3. Bun is always right.
  16. Well. They say God doesn't make mistakes, nor do I feel he made any with people like the ones you've met in this thread. To transition is a test of ones character, strength, and ability to really be tested with something that as you know, most people will not understand. To address an earlier point. You will find that a lot of transwomen have tried living our lives as gay men. I tried. I just don't find gay men attractive. I find straight men attractive, as I am in essence a mostly straight woman. Inciatus said it best I believe in her very long post that was filled with such great inf
  17. Signy is doing pretty well. We're just trying to save as much as we can right now. She's helping me with everyday stuff that I need help with. Doctors galore. Shes just doing her thing otherwise. The thread is well moderated. Plus it's not some SJW nuclear mass. It's just people. Sharing and being who they are. It exists because wotlabs is actually full of really smart people that may not agree with what is said but know how to think objectively. It's why we're good at tanks. Im retired though. Never touching it again. The major thing is this thread is not an echo chamber for
  18. While I haven't had time to write up the long post I want to all of you. I want to say that I'm glad this thread has been a place where you can feel safe to say who you are. A while back I had said the thread really was no longer for me. Nor should it be. It should be for you. A resource to use as anything you can get from it. Inspiration. Support. Belonging. You can see there are many of us here. Trans and ally alike. I try to answer questions as best I can. To all of you especially in recent posts. I'm so proud of you all. Difficulty in life is what we must endure. Survive. Overcome. T
  19. I'm sorry you're going through this. You summed it up nicely however in your final words. It's all or nothing and staying with someone in the LGBT network. If that's your only option than take it. The alternative isn't even remotely worth it. I'm not telling you to run off into the wild. But I'm telling you to do whatever you have to - to get out. Don't let them sink you with them. I don't know who you know, or where they are. However - I know you know Someone who can help you. Who can give you shelter. You can get back on your feet and you will. You have to yank yourself out of the
  20. You're welcome! I try to keep things in the right frame of mind. It's not the easiest thing in the world. I've seen a slew of doctors lately. Thyroid this. Blood draw that. I passed out and threw up water today after they took my vials. Not even to say about the stuff I have to maybe do with the surgeon treating the other stuff. It's not easy. I've found the life I want. I just have to fight to keep it. These are adorable. My post senses are tingling. ..Or is that something else.
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