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  1. stronks went well, until nez intentionally threw one to spite us :^). 7/9 for the first night.
  2. Im quetzal, idk why my wotlabs name is shitzal. i was sad to see me go too, but it was out of my power, so i just had to roll with it. thanks for the words knebby, i appreciate it :^)
  3. wn8 is a shitty metric. anyone who takes it as skill is: a)someone who padded their way to dark purple and wants people to believe that they are good. b) a moron ...
  4. its not gay if both guys are having fun

  5. RIP t110e5 powercreep v1... i wonder if this will be e5 powercreep v2.
  6. lost only 50k? well... as i say... if you make money in the t54, youre doing something very wrong
  7. Scotland is possibly my favorite place in the world. i live in georgia, which gets a bit boring. there are only so many times that the world's largest aquarium is fun, or hiking a giant slab of granite is exciting. Scotland during the summer is beautiful. the air is fresh, the people tend to be nice, and oh my god the hiking is awesome.
  8. well... is3 crew in your t54 would be a good idea. i agree with e25 crew going in the e50, BUT... IIRC e50 has 5 crew members... e25 only has 4... you should get the 430 v2 though. one of my clanmates with extensive experience in both , he likes the 430 much better.
  9. a week ago i though my WN8 ceiling was 2.25k. now i firmly believe that it is over 3k. maybe a break wasnt a bad thing...

  10. nice. its good to see that someone who feels unready for high tiers hones their skills a bit more in low tiers rather being ebola to their team in tier 9-10. glad its working out for you.
  11. having your own website and forum is pretty good too, so you can coordinate clan happenings and just fuck around without having to worry about moderators (unless its a really shitty poast, in which case it will get taken down)
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