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  1. googled it, found evidence support my claim, thank you was not talking just about Vram was talking about performance comparison and while the 390 has 4.5gb more Vram yes, but the 3.5gb on the 970 still equals out at higher rez and actually beats most benchmarks I'm seeing at 1080p... more Vram is not more performance.
  2. I did say im my opinion directly before that statement thank you lol and also what game uses more then 3.5gbs of Vram right now? because honestly go look at game benchmarks dude, sure the 390 has more Vram but the GTX uses its so much better and the software and integration is much better however yes I agree if you want higher scores on Firestrike or anything of that matter the 390 is better, and either card is very capable of running any game you would want to at very high-ultra settings for the next few years at least.
  3. I would go with something like this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/x2TdLk you have a few choices within that, first off I have chosen (as I did with my own recent PC build) to stick with LGA1150 and DDR3 as for gaming the difference is very very minimal and your money is spent much better in other places so past this point I wont mention skylake or DDR4. I will go down each part one by one explain why I chose it and tell you in my opinion your other options. First off I chose a i5-4690K for your CPU, and a with a H100iGTX for its cooler (picked for price/performance/reliability), you can very easily OC your i5-4690K up to 4.0 or 4.4 GHz (your choice) and as hyper threading dosnt help gaming much at all this will work great, at the current time this CPU costs 210$, your other option here is to go with a i7-4790K its slightly faster but the main difference is the hyper threading, witch you WILL want if doing any significant amount of video editing or anything of that sort but It would cost you around 100$ more and for gaming its not worth it. For your Mobo I went with the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 board, this gives you everything you might want now and in the future like M.2 slots, SLI compatibility and more seta 6Gb/s ports then you can shake a stick at. all at a very decent price along with awesome reliability! for Ram I grabbed a corsair vengeance pro 16gb kit running at 1866, its a good price for a high capacity ram kit and as ram speed from 1600-2400 only costs you ~5 FPS its the best price point currently you could very easily grab a 8gb kit and expand later to save some money. for storage I grabbed a 250gb Samsung pro 850EVO-series SSD for OS, games and any applications you use regularly and a Seagate 1tb HDD for storage. I trust Samsung's SSDs the most as thats what I own and no issues 5 years and running so thats what I picked for you, the Seagate was just the cheapest decent 1tb HDD I saw at a glance, you can swap either of these things to your personal preference. GPU, the big choice gaming wise! I own the card I put down (GTX 970 MSI twin frozer V), eats up anything I have thrown at it so far 1080p, in my opinion best bang for the buck GPU right now, costs around 330USD right now and bench marked matches the fury priced at 500USD, if you want to step up you can buy a 980 for another ~300USD but I would recommending buying the GTX 970 now and when you need more later buy another and use that SLI availability Case/PSU the case and power supply unit are basically 100% up to personal preference, pick what you like, I just picked parts that alow for super easy future expansion. all said and done after shipping this comp I suggest would cost 1200USD or 1300USD with the i74790k. for expansion when you need to upgrade you can add another GTX970 in an SLI config or just flat out upgrade the GPU, there are M.2 slots on the Ggaming5 so you have expansion for SUPERSPEED storage for your OS and fav programs (that is expensive currently but like DDR4 gets cheaper by the week) seriously though its 4-5 times as fast as a single SSD. also theres lots of headroom on the i74790k and the i54690k to OC same with the GTX 970 if you ever want that extra oomph! you also have 2 empty ram slots so you can very easily jump to 32Gbs of ram should that ever be an issue.
  4. Streaming on http://www.twitch.tv/botlabash, Road to Unicum Day 7 2231 recent Wn8 so far.

  5. Modding for http://www.twitch.tv/torpedoesfortroops you should all come check it out! support our veterans! and check out http://www.operationsupplydrop.org/

    1. Tedster59


      so, how do I rig the drawing to score Torpitz on top of the doubloons now?

    2. BotlAbash


      Sadly even the Mods cant rig it :P if we could we would have gotten one hahaha xD but on a serious note we gave away 2 per hour for well over a day so we gave quite a few away. I'm just happy to see all the support for our Vets and hope to see more in the future! looking forwards to getting another opportunity to help out with OSD

  6. Well then maby I will, Hey @canadiantrex guess what? Chicken butt...
  7. I dont know where I got it from but honestly I think it works fine as it describes what my goals are, but if you have another ideas im defiantly interested.
  8. Ok well first of all I've been working on getting to Unicum (2550) for awhile and I recently upgraded from a 4 year old laptop that could not run world of tanks itself that well even without anything in the background so... yeah streaming was out of the question however I do have a YouTube channel with some videos recorded on my laptop if you want to take a look you can find my YouTube channel "here" to My New desktop Witch Is a beast! I am a Blue player with 2200 Recent WN8 and like 58%WR so I'm decent but no expert... My goal is 2550 Wn8 and 60% WR. The plan is to stream my games on my Twitch channel Found "here" until I reach that goal and See what happens... The Idea is that by putting myself out on twitch I would Have people to yell at me if I was being dumb xD and As was pointed out to me by the chat (thanks to Kwydin Haswell and Joyrider216) I would need viewers for that to work, as to that end I need some people or a group of people to platoon with me to make the stream simi entertaining to gain viewers who would hopefully stick around. these people will have the understanding that they will be recorded (if anyone wants to join me send me a message, anyone's welcome as long as you keep the profanity down to a dull roar and you have two brain cells to run together.) Plus as an added bonus I will have an achieve to review my Gameplay without having to look through replay files! I still need some sort of music to play in the background as The stuff I currently play is copyrighted and will be muted in the twitch archive and I would like to Export some of that content to YouTube, Would you advise not playing music in my Gameplay to make it easier to export and to allow people to have their own Music on in the background or to try and get some Monstercat or something to play?
  9. Streaming on http://www.twitch.tv/botlabash on my Road to Unicum, 2550 Here I come!

  10. Just Broke Green overall WN8 on my XVM scale :) super happy about that, and am at 2200 Recent WN8 so 300 more to go.

  11. Hey girls and guys, lady's and gents. I just wanted to Update this topic to say thanks to everyone for the help ad to outline my goals now that I have surpassed my old ones. I have now reached my then goal of 2k WN8 and surpassed it, I am now going for 2550 WN8 and want to surpass 60% win ratio. I have also joined the relic community so I am now involved with a group of players who are better then I am, meaning I can learn to be better then I am and I'm super happy about that! The only thing I can do to get better now is to play more and more and more, But I would like advise as to what tanks to go for? Currently my only tier 10 is the IS4 and I will be getting the IS7 soon, in order what I was going to do after that was get the Russian trifecta (I'm at the t44) and then turn around and get the t54LW, then the Batchat and 30b (on the 1375) and after that I think it would probably be time to try the German heavy tanks as Ive been putting it off xD DISCLAIMER THIS IS OFF TOPIC: So Ive been re-watching all the Bond films this weekend and I'm going to show my age here but the first Bond film I have ever seen was Tomorrow Never Dies but my favorite was Die Another Day However After re-watching them I have to say that Goldfinger has grown on me and Stolen the title of my favored Bond film. And so I was wondering what your guys favorite Bond film is, and has it changed over the years?
  12. 1: Jingles I wanted to know your thoughts on sponsored product reviews? To elaborate To date there have been 2 sponsored reviews where they shipped you their product for you to make a video about it and neither of these videos were as popular as the normal WOWS WOT or WT videos. What is your rational behind accepting sponsored deals and How do you plan to deal with them in the future? (Ps I think you Should be trying to be sponsored by WarGaming or some Gaming Company or Developer. Because being an employee will give you all sorts of bonuses and many company's would accept the publicity they would get from your 400k subs as long as you can avoid them requiring you to say things you don't mean and keep it a one man show.) 2: Now that world of tanks Esports is becoming popular on a larger scale than before namely WGLNA/EU/RU and the player base has a large amount of players wishing to be involved how do you plan (as a content creator and as your specific circumstances) to deal with the new interest in competitive play? 3: I have been subscribed for awhile (since about 50k subs) and I never once heard you say that you where anything over a slightly average player. How do you react to the criticism your now receiving as a minor internet celebrity? 4: What plans do you have to keep current and expand your growing community as you have (and I hate to call them this but its true,) quite a sizable amount of competition now as a YouTuber in your category.
  13. I am now running this, its quite cool and a good idea. props man!
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