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  1. I will start stalking you very soon :-) thanks for offer. Also thanks to everybody else who took his time and replied.
  2. If anybody could help I would appreciate it. Link below is to our yesterday's CW tier 8 battle. As title says I would love to know what I did wrong / my teammates / or if strategy was just bad. http://wotreplays.eu/site/2138056?secret=250d7e49b622eac0a55be385cc400090 Thanks in advance.
  3. Campaign is over thanks all participating players for taking part in this. We secured 19 players to have a chance to get IS-5. Played 81 battles, 53 wins, not bad at all! This is how we were doing in campaign: http://wotreplays.com/site/1965183#murovanka-duo_lat-t-54_ltwt This is how our players are doing in randoms: http://wotreplays.com/site/1962244#mountain_pass-bertz_91-e_100
  4. Oh that was harsh punishment from your clan, but well being beaten by one of Top EU clans does not feel that bad . Especially when they have a girl with bluenicum rating . PS We are on a Global Map now!!!
  5. Up to 9 CW Campaign battles every night. So far 14 players in top 11.000 - not bad considering we met KAZNA, OMNI and other top 50 EU clan on the way. Don't hesitate and join us too!
  6. We reached 100 members right now, but that does not mean recruiting has stopped. We are still interested in active players!
  7. Some example of nice teamplay of mine Chi-ri with cromwell: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1931682#westfield-tomasjelinek-type_5_chi-ri
  8. Still looking for great players (not only for upcoming campaign)!
  9. Hi Vilsten, think about EAB2. You are slightly above acceptance criterias, average of clan as a whole is about 1600 WN8 with many really good people in so I hope we have something to offer. We play daily CWs last moth we spent about 10 days on a Global Map in Africa. We won 12 reward tanks last campaign 66% WR in SH Skirmishes Friendly people inside.
  10. We welcome new member Knight_Fox !
  11. Still looking for skilled players!
  12. We have successfully landed in Africa, beating Top 50 EU clan there! Seven players joined for last week. Be one of us!
  13. We are looking forward next CW campaign. In previous we won 12 reward tanks. Fellow tankers come and join our team!
  14. Last 2 spots free! CWs and Strongholds are held every night!
  15. Pagan don't worry about CWs! When we play CW tournament there are often 20-25 players begging to be picked for the team, so most of the time you will not be required to join. However in rare moments when we defend stronghold and play landing tournament at the same time, we might need everybody who is online. To sum it up we do not put strict requirements on players to play team activities, but of course it is fine if you join them time to time.
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