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  1. Is there a site that lets you look at stats for individual tanks from previous months ? Been repairing my t10 tank stats from my yellow 50%er days slowly and want to know what they looked like before I started. Otherwise might have to take screenshots of them all now for future reference.
  2. How do you guys play south spawn on swamp, alot more people go top right from the north spawn so I don't usually go there and people don't push castle side much anymore. Most games 5 tanks or so push to G5/7 from north spawn and then the east gets pushed down and you just defend all game. Not sure if pushing up the 1 line is viable at all since I never really go there so I might have to try that, is there any other way to play aggressive ? mostly talking about all t10 games for context.
  3. His choice of where to post it was interesting. Oh nvm he started posting it everywhere.
  4. I tked 2 tier 1's in a t10 game for troll platooning earlier and forgot I was blue. Still worth it for the gold (thanks) and the laughs at my friend raging that we might lose the game without me haha.
  5. Reaps is a bad influence, told me to tk someone then I got banned for a day
  6. Can anyone recommend a clan I can join for nightly Strongholds to grind credits (I have no interest in playing CW at the moment).
  7. On a good run I will have around a 3.5k wn8 session (then ruin it later that night), so I don't think I would have played at 5.3k wn8 for 28 games that just seems too much. Only played 2 games between it jumping, both in the 57 heavy and both games I made a very bad mistake mid game so I only got around 3k dmg in each (lost both).
  8. Give me a break I will get there one day Edit: did anyone else get a massive wn8 boost today ? Might just be a temporary glitch.
  9. Just as I finished reading this thread - I was about to comment "Hats off to Neokai and Wasaabi for not insta-locking this thread after the political crap started flowing in and trying to keep the thread going." Then when I pressed post it comes up with "you do not have permission to post in locked topics" ... Couldn't help but sigh and laugh at that at the same time. edited because I can't spell.
  10. Not sure if I am terrible or not at this yet but it made me chuckle when I read it.
  11. Pls ignore this, bad@forum and too many tabs open.
  12. This idiot in a lowe drove into the middle of swamp and died as our only tier 8. He then proceeded to abuse our team for no support and spam pinged the map all game. I'm still trying to recover from the shock when I found out this was a real player and not a bot ....