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  1. I never platooned that much, so no. I can/will still keep in contact with friends here - mentally segmenting off the game but still participating in this forum isn't that hard, especially since the game itself is so rarely discussed here I do plenty of other stuff - mainly "for fun" software projects, a current one being this: https://morphological.wordpress.com/projects/enigma-x/, so I have other outlets - but freely admit its a very different kind of recreation. Once I discovered WoT I never invested time into other games because I wanted to be semi-good at one, not crap at several. By the way, I was thinking about the "holiday" approach when getting the shits with WoT. When I think about my job (IT based consulting with lots of project work) one of the principles that comes to mind is "sustainable pace". If you work at a sustainable pace you can effectively work forever - this is good for delivery as it's more predictable. Sure, you pull the odd all nighter when you need to, but such efforts should be an exception rather than the rule. If you (or those you manage/employ) don't work at a sustainable pace you introduce great risks: (1) people burnout, imperiling delivery, (2) if they leave you lose their knowledge and (3) you need to recruit and then retrain - all of which degrades your ability to deliver. When people say they are taking a WoT holiday I wonder if its a symptom of the game not being sustainable? Is a holiday required merely because of some passing incident after which the sustainable equilibrium will be restored, or, is it a sign that the game is inherently unsustainable (i.e. from a psychological aspect of some kind)? Because ideally we should be able to log in and have an experience that whilst sometimes challenging is also sustainable: we should not need to take "holidays" in the first place.
  2. You're a purple, yeah - I wonder if there's a correlation between being able to mentally segment stuff and being gud at bending over for WG tanks?
  3. Otto's on to it - I know from personal experience that going cold turkey is an approach that works for me. It may not be obvious from your interaction with me online, but as people who know me well will attest, I am a pretty patient and accommodating guy - getting to the stage where I cut something off at the knees does not happen quickly or by accident. It's also a protest aimed at WG: there are consequences. You provide a service to your customers; we are not your fucking staff. So they **finally** improved the MM - lets assume they hadn't done it, how long would you have waited? First off Saff - I think you're cool. I still can remember the vid you posted in the WZ-132 taking out the Batchat on Redshire - absolutely awesome gameplay. That said, you may want to refer to Kersh's reference to the sunk cost fallacy. Also, with respect to drama - remind us how many pieces of computing equipment have you destroyed due to WoT-rage? Which leads me to... So is Rugby. Did you know (and this is backed by documented by research) that when the All Blacks lose a match there is an increase in domestic violence? And of course it'd be a mistake to assume that's only applicable to rugby fans. Games may occur in a sandbox but the impacts they have extend beyond that. I have definitely had situations where my in-game experience had out-of game impacts: mainly being grumpy with people who didn't deserve it, a lack of motivation to do other things I had been all psyched do to before I hit battle, or the time I wasted trying to get just one good game so I could finish the session on something resembling a positive note. Judging something differently because "it is a game" would appear to be using logic to justify something that perhaps should not be justified. So for me, having WG finally trip my boundaries is probably a good and healthy thing. Set some boundaries and live by them; don't be one of those men of straw bending in a gentle wind.
  4. No, the game simply wasn't fun for me anymore: I can take losing streaks and shit teams - but only to a point; and playing in 8's and continually facing 10's get tedious very quickly; not to mention all the agro that goes with such a situation. RE the sunk cost fallacy - it'd be interesting to know how much influence that was having on the player-base. I was alway conscious of how much time and effort I had put in (and cash) but I don't think that it was a major factor for me - at least not consciously - in terms of a reason to keep playing. I was looking for something like WOT to really get my teeth into - a long-term sustained hobby/interest, so yes there was an "investment/reward" aspect to it but the reward was simply enjoyment and stimulation. I have always been well aware of my limitations (or current plateau) as a player and tried to keep my expectations fairly low... but it appears that low wasn't low enough.
  5. We could have a competition to see who can (honestly) screenshot the last remaining 404 sig occurring in the wild - and take gentlemens bets on when that will be, and who it will be.
  6. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/82562-wg-u-have-some-problems/ Cripes @JOC469 u sound like Hopey. Granted, the points he lists are not excuses for his bad stets, BUT, the flipside is also true - just because he's bad doesn't mean the game isn't broken.
  7. Cheers. If I was independently wealthy (i.e. had time on my hands) I'd do a similar number on the animated gifs
  8. Just a heads-up that you might notice some new sigs around the place - especially on the offishals. @Ezz @StormCrowReaperManyHats @MagicalFlyingFox @JOC469 I think I left your old ones up, but I'll delete the lot in a wee while (days/weeks)? FYI, I have backups of the originals.
  9. There's always this thread: For example (note the dates hint - which years): Not going to happen. His is a huge drama llama in the ASIAN forums with exactly the same shit. He even said that he could get his recent stats to Unicum levels in a month, then kept back pedalling and back pedalling until it became that he could get them to purple if he platooned with purples. Pubbies will be pubbies, and 52%ers whose recent is the same as their overall will always suck. That is nothing even close to what happened regarding my reroll statement.
  10. Kinda hard since she doesn't have a basement. Even if she did I doubt it'd be a worthwhile holiday destination.
  11. Great idea, here's some exotic picturesque locations for you: Yemen. Idlib. Mosul.
  12. lol So just to recap, you said to me stuff like this... ...and then you want me to explain stuff to you. Bhahahaha. Fuck, are you not bored yet? [Sigh].
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