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  1. locastan.com has the good session stats. Anyways, anyone know what this expD error is?
  2. I've asked this guy (besneyepnu) for advice as well and he usually says to bring SR to 35% for bad-decent players and up to 40% for green/blues. I'm in the former category, 52% wr and just under 35% sr. I've never even heard anything about having your SR be within a certain ratio of your WR or whatnot, let alone having it be 1:1.
  3. It always seems to come down to luck. If the random number gods like you, you carry games easily. On the other hand, sometimes no matter how perfect the shot, it finds a way to miss. Is there something you can do to more consistently do well regardless of how unlucky you're getting with accuracy rolls?
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