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  1. I got a harsh talking to as well, perhaps I need to reconsider disagreeing with moderators. I went off topic, in the shenanigans forum....
  2. I am somewhat interested in economics, I don't pretend to know a lot, but I do prefer some libertarian scholar's :-)
  3. Thank you, perhaps you can as well, upon completion of your women's studies bachelor's degree.
  4. Because our gubmentz and military tell us and the world its werf stuff.... I hate our monetary system and the federal reserve with a passion. Perhaps that is my point altogether.... Or maybe I argue because I am stubborn, who knows, this is the interwebz after all.
  5. Garbad, on 08 May 2015 - 12:16 PM, said: The absence of a contract in an exchange for something both parties sees as valuable in order to circumvent law is hardly the same as winning gold in a game because you plays it gudder. So do all clans and their members need to sign contracts cause they are getting paid, no, why? Because it isn't payment, its pixels in a game.
  6. You didn't read all my posts. We are almost saying the same thing, but disagreeing that WoT gold won (not bartered or sold for in any market) is worth anything. I stand by my statement. Maybe some people feel better thinking they spend all this time 'working' for there 'valuable' gold, when in fact it isn't that much different from any other fake in-game money. The money you give to WG (if you do such a thing) is valuable because the U.S. treasury and the federal reserve says U.S. dollars is worth something. No such doctrine exists for the pixel winnings you garner, despite your feels telling
  7. IRS is currently working on recognizing crypto currency as a 'legitimate' currency, only so they can tax it in U.S. dollars. Assholes.
  8. I provided a very specific example of 'computer stuff' not having value (WoT's gold that has not been paid for), I didn't lump it all together. You did. Also, say it doesn't need to be currency (when you site crypto CURRENCY) as an example seems sort of silly, doesn't it? Also, just because YOU pay for it, doesn't mean it has value, it means you find it valuable... With exception to commodities where obvious rules of scarcity are in play, very little things are intrinsically valuable. Perhaps my sweet loving provides you with a more tangible example?
  9. Yea there was a good documentary about this and how a lot people demonized this woman, but when the facts are examined it does become a different story..
  10. Hah, you comparing crypto currency to gold in WoT makes me laugh.
  11. Winning 1's and 0's in a game is not the same as a winning car, I doubt we need to further that discussion. It CAN be paid for but it wasn't. If you win my pubes in a video game contest can you exchange them at a bank for money?
  12. People could defect and join a clan that doesn't get its entire gold stash raided?
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