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  1. Hello guys Just started playing again and just wondering what happend to the tank missions aka. T55 A HTC and so on. Ive looked around ingame but I just cant find the missions anymore. Cheers.
  2. This might sound stupid but, I just started playing again. But I cant find the mission menu for these missions. There are alot of other missions but these seems to be gone. Did they remove them from the missions menu or am I just blind ? cheers.
  3. I love this tank. It dosent matter if I have a bad beat day, it just keeps delivering. Tbh only tank that makes me feel like a supreme tanker
  4. I grinded my way to the BL-10 and it was a pain, I hated doing battles in it. But after I got the gun the fun suddently started and I would buy it back if I didn't enjoy playing the obj. 704 as I do, that's a keeper for me. But would I free exp the top gun if I had the exp. to do so.... Yes for sure, I really hated the grind from stock and up
  5. I'm almost done with the grind for the 140 and it has been a blast in this tank. I dont have much play time on workdays so I rarely drive any tanks after I made the first win. But it's hard not to take a few more rounds in this lovely machine. I tend to forget about prem rounds in all of my tanks and even so in T-54. Making credits and still having fun is quite nice So after 155 battles or so and 30k from the obj 140 I'm definantly keeping this beauty. I recently got the Ace badge and the first mark. To be honest I didn't even think I would be able to get any of them with my limited playtime and skill level.
  6. Hello Everyone. I'm Marc I started playing WoT again 4 or 5 months ago, I stopped playing when clan wars started. I didn't think much about how I played, but I'm trying to change that now and my stats er getting better. I'm not a statpadder by nature but it is allways nice to see how you progress So hopefully I will find some more knowledge here that will bring me to the next level. I'm am one of those who get's home from work at start playing every single machine in the garage, the faster the better tbh.... I rarely grind one tank so it takes me alot of time mastering every type. But I can live with that Anyways I just play for the fun of it and I'm glad i returned to the game, it's a good game if you got tasks to do in your everyday life you can allways find time to take a round or two. That's about it for now... Just wanted to say hi I was gonna ask how I get my stats visual under my name, but I can see that it's allready there
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