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  1. I was playing a game in my Type 64, moving in the general direction of two or three marks of excellence, and had had a pretty good game. I tried to make it to the passive scouting bush on Prok, but a 2801 yoloed and spotted me. After he died I tried again for the bush, only to be insta-spotted by, it turns out in the end, a camo'ed up E 25. Anyways, I made about 1,200 damage, but then someone took issue with how I was playing my 64. Well I'm not gonna think much of it. I keep playing, and all of a sudden I'm up to around 2,300 damage. This is going great! This fellow didn't thin
  2. This is my first topic here on WOTLabs, I've no idea to go.
  3. Story time. Trying to 3 mark my T57 Heavy, it's terrible because the pubbies make my games fluctuate terribly in result, and I don't have any platoonmates who are really good at keeping me alive and farming. That's okay, I'll get there. Not the point. I played this battle just before the server restart and got into Pilsen in a 3-5-7 match. Nice. Have my standard marking ammo loaded, 24 HEAT 12 AP, and set up on a corner. My first target is a Pz VII that rolls around a corner side on. I fire two into his side as he snaps one into my tracks and backs off. I pop the other two she
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