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  1. Does anyone still need a player for that Tanksmas tourny tomorrow? 

  2. Due to less activity on our page as of late I thought I'd post a review I got from this past week. -0utofSight Sep 17, 2015BeeDo_BeeDo I have had a couple of excellent sessions with OutofSight. He is great at providing coaching during battles and is very calm. He has outstanding situational awareness often pointing out expected enemy actions before they occur. He is adept at identifying areas to work on to improve your game. Highly recommended.
  3. I am also searching to tryout for a Gold league team for next season. I have a bit of prior experience and am calm under pressure. PM if you are interested.
  4. More about me Hi my name is 0utofSight. Due to my current internet situation at college I am unable to stream anymore. So in order to feel like I am helping the community I decided to join up with Smylee and start mentoring full time. Just a reminder the rates in my section are general guidelines for the donations for each lesson. Not technically required but I am going out of my way to help you. I would consider myself a fairly competitive player in most respects. I really enjoy competitive play in WGLNA and hope to tryout and join another team next season due to Maple Freedom being relegated. As far as in public matches, the main driving force for my improvement was due to my dedication to playing to what I thought was my potential. Setting a goal to eventually be good enough to play in WGLNA was always a goal I had in mind. I was lucky enough to have my first experience playing this game back in late 2013 on my brother’s account. At that point in time around patch 8.7 he pretty much rage quit due to artillery and other aspects of the game, but I continued to play his account occasionally. Although the World of Tanks EULA says, “It is highly discouraged for users to share accounts with others.” After a couple thousand games I felt like it was time to create my own personal account now knowing the basic game mechanics and here we are.
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