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  1. Joined NOS, ( Lava was no 2 ) . Hope things go well. Thanks for all the invites.
  2. ooohhhh, interesting. Maybe something like MVPS, except not 100% polish xD Lots of stronku ESL playerers.
  3. Not yet , still keeping my eyes peeled. I really want to make sure I get the best one I can for the future. I don't want to have to move again for some reason for a little while If I can.
  4. Hey there, Im looking for a clan with few obligations, due to my participation in the silver series of the Wargaming league. I have experience in SH, CW, ESL etc. What I'm looking for; As said a clan with few obligations due to me playing ESL A good clan with at least 2400 average recent WN8 Stronkhold to participate in.and OCCASIONAL clan wars. ( but definitely campaigns) Please message me in game or on the forum if u want to chat etc. Thanks josh :D
  5. So i am looking for a stronk ESL team. I speak English. http://play.eslgaming.com/player/8302882/ noobmeter if you require , http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/jjgjosh123/502565293 ( i <3 team modes over randoms 100x over) My experience : Multiple Series in Bronze Multiple Go4woT's 3v3 7v7 Training's, team battles WoT comps etc. Ranked Team Battles etc. etc. ESL Tanks T54 Lt Wt , 13 90 , 50 100 , IS 3 , T49 , Bulldog , T37 , ^^^Nearly all have lots of skills etc. and lots of experience specifically in 7v7 games. ^^^ If you would like to chat that would be better , private message me on the forums would be the best way to contact me. Thanks jjgjosh123.
  6. The problem is that people believe WN8 is the exact value of someones skill. It needs to be taken in consideration with, Win rate, WN8 , battles played and tanks played etc.
  7. Still recruiting players for ESL and the clan ! Send any of the Executive Officers or the Commander a message for more info.
  8. Conundrum ESL team and I-OU clan still recruiting ! Look above for the details.
  9. Sort of but something more like this. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/forum/2075-forum/ Specific for ESL and esports related. Teamplay is too, sloppy a topic area. If you get what i mean.
  10. if we get enough of us then maybe it will happen
  11. I would suggest that people try and join ESL teams. They are very good for improving in.
  12. Inevitable Outcome Recruiting Strong Players for ESL and Strongholds ! ! ! ! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/416488-i-ou-recruiting-skilled-players-for-strongholds-esl/ Klanu Rebooting....... Script successfully loaded: ESLKlanu.exe Inevitable Outcome is going back to basics. We're giving our members the chance to focus on ESL cups and trainings without any requirement of attending Clanwars. What we are looking for ; - Active players - Great team-players - ESL teams and players - Our averages in stats Our stats : http://wotcs.com/clan.php?wid=500033267 What We Offer : - A great atmosphere - Strongholds, platoons and fun - Chance to join ESL teams and regional cups for gold ! Contact any of the Deputies If You Are Interested In The Clan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conundrum ESL Team Recruiting http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/485421-conundrum-cnd/ http://play.eslgaming.com/team/8105007/ What we are looking for: - Unicum recent - 2400 WN8 + - Active - 4/7 nights a week available - Teamspeak 3 and WhatsApp available - At least 3 ESL available tanks , with 3 FULL skills ( and at least Sixth sense and BIA ) What we offer : - Regular trainings - Gold to win ! - Good players to learn from with experience in ESL If you want to know more , contact jjgjosh123 or Alsyth.
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