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  1. Need help completing mission 14 for TD's on the T55a set of mission where you have to do 50% of the total damage done, also any tips that help me complete this mission would be helpful 2800 Recent WN8 NA East server Pref
  2. Hello I'm looking for people to platoon with to improve my play, need the standard to be similar or higher than mine (should not be too hard). Also i'm english so you will get to listen to a sexy english accent Thanks Hutch
  3. 1) Did you Find your Coaching session enjoyable? Very 2) Did you find (Smylee) Teaching Method(s) useful and informative? Yes, it allows you to play the game and provide you for information at the same time 3) What did you think of (smylee) as a Coach do you feel he was professional and as helpful as possible? Very professional always positivte towards myself 4) Do you feel your gameplay (Has/Improved) (Will/Improve) because you took the Lesson(s)? Yes i've been give more to consider at the start of the game such as where the other team are going to go, n
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