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  1. Need to get rid of a T7.. T29 or O-NI..

    O-NI derp is great stress relief....

    1. FavreFan4ever


      I think you just answered your own question. If you're still undecided, flip a coin. Unless you're truly torn, you'll decide as the coin is in the air.

    2. leggasiini


      Get an O-Ho or Type 5, even better stress reliever than the O-Ni :^)

    3. Nalok


      Hmm but you don’t get to one shot those poor tier 5 and 6s!!

  2. 8 tanks down 2 minutes in.. weekend + holidays makes for awesome teams..

    Not to mention the 2+ arty every.. single.. fucking.. game..

  3. T-54.. keep or sell? Always thought it would remain in my garage forever but since the T-55A and other great tier 9 tanks I hardly play it anymore..

  4. So after 32k battles finally had light purple recents, then decide to powergrind the French TD line.. RIP recents and sanity.. :/

  5. Well.. after years of wotlabs and 10's of thousands of battles I'm still a permablue, but I just managed to 3 mark my first t10!

    E100 you beauty you!! And thanks wotlabs :)

    1. RC_Tank


      it's a hell of a tank :doubleguns2:

    2. Nalok


      Sure as hell is... 750 HEAT in your face is no joke ;)

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