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  1. Great wording, thanks for the laugh! And all spot on imho.. if only WG would listen.
  2. It’s the only tier 10 I’ve three marked and I found it pretty relaxing. Unless you get prok with 3 enemy arty all focussing you down of course. The decent alpha with a bit of assisted worked quite nicely. This was before the new HD maps tho.
  3. So this used to be a CW staple tank but with the new tier 10 only format and the other assorted tanks available for stronks is there any reason to keep it? I kinda feel the bad pen doesn't warrant awesome turret and I can't really think of anything else it excels in. Opinions?
  4. Without wanting to sound lazy, care to elaborate?
  5. So I tried searching for a general "directives" topic and there was something from last years test server but nothing recent that I could find but please correct me if I'm wrong. I was wondering, do you guys use them a lot? On some tanks? Are there any catches where they don't stack or something? Or is it better saving up for years to buy improved equipment? If its on some tanks, which ones would you typically use them on?
  6. Playing on NA from Europe I get ~100 ping (granted, gigabit fibre) and it’s really playable. I mean it’s WoT, we’re not talking Quake FPS speeds where you want that <10ms ping. Should NA kick the bucket I wonder if they’d let you keep reward tanks on a server transfer..
  7. Nalok


    I kinda doubled this with a status update but for the sake of staying on topic.. I played a few back to back games in the O-NI and T29 and when you are top tier it’s a farm fest in both. When you are bottom tier tho what’s nice about the O-NI is that it doesn’t really require much brainpower, you go to the most suitable area to brawl and just lob HE shells at things without thinking or aiming much.. A T-29 will be slinging gold, having to find hull down spots to make the turret work, taking care to not expose the hull. The O-NI is just really nice for when MM is being a bitch or
  8. I'm far from a pro but I was wondering the opposite. AP gets better normalization so should get better pens if shooting from an angle and its more pen full stop.. What do you you purplez shoot?
  9. Need to get rid of a T7.. T29 or O-NI..

    O-NI derp is great stress relief....

    1. FavreFan4ever


      I think you just answered your own question. If you're still undecided, flip a coin. Unless you're truly torn, you'll decide as the coin is in the air.

    2. leggasiini


      Get an O-Ho or Type 5, even better stress reliever than the O-Ni :^)

    3. Nalok


      Hmm but you don’t get to one shot those poor tier 5 and 6s!!

  10. Nalok


    So I actually love this tank. its so satisfying to play, especially when you get to one shot the poor lower tier tanks when top tier. Just wondering whether I should sell this or the T29..
  11. I’ve never played it before and only a few games in it so far but the gun feels really derpy. And I thought it would bounce/avoid damage more due to the pancake profile.
  12. Awesome! I tried copying the link but it came out as an mp4.. didn’t think just changing it to a gif would work... thanks!!
  13. Thanks to @CraBeatOff for the GIF conversion tip, thought I'd add very sad TVP VTU to the list as well. https://imgur.com/a/TXscK edit: thanks @sr360for the fix.. but I broke it again.. copying the "embed" link from imgur isn't working...
  14. So if you already have the T-10 unlocked will it stay unlocked on the new branch if you don’t own it? Or will it become whatever the new tier 9 leading to the IS-7 will be? Not in a rush to get the new tier 10 so I’d rather not rebuy the T-10 now but I don’t wanna miss the opportunity to skip the grind.
  15. I agree that I'd normally never drop vert stab (and I haven't on any tank that can mount it), just wondering if the E-50 could get away with it with a good crew and food. Guess I might drop the vents
  16. So equipment wise on the E-50 I've always run rammer/vents/vert stab with food. You guys reckon with the good gun handling its worth dropping either the vert stab or the vents for optics?
  17. FWIW I just finished grinding it and ran rammer/v stab/optics. It drives, turns and shoots like a battleship so I figured the benefits from vents to its playstyle (pre-aimed close combat) are small-ish. However when you get spotted by everyone at least with optics you spot them back when they shoot. Especially with all the tier 10 battles! It’s hilariously unfair when you get to beat the shit out of everything when top tier, and so frustrating in tier 10 battles (most of the time) when you lack the flexibility to do much other then go fight stuff that laughs at your 260 gold pen an
  18. 8 tanks down 2 minutes in.. weekend + holidays makes for awesome teams..

    Not to mention the 2+ arty every.. single.. fucking.. game..

  19. I just bought the M41 90 yesterday then this comes on sale.. I don't really wanna give WG any more money, is it worth having both?
  20. Tried as a status but didn't work.. T-54.. keep or sell? Always thought it would remain in my garage forever but since the T-55A and other great tier 9 tanks I hardly play it anymore.. What do you guys reckon?
  21. T-54.. keep or sell? Always thought it would remain in my garage forever but since the T-55A and other great tier 9 tanks I hardly play it anymore..

  22. So I'm wondering how you guys go about the ammo selection. I love the GIF's but they never show whether the penning shots were HEAT or HE. Some are easy to guess obviously, others not so much. How do you guys go about loading the right ammo for the right butt?
  23. I think if anything the forum is more lenient. Its just that the hard-core purples that want to go into the most profound analysis of the game to get the absolute best results have either left the game, or aren't quite so active on the forum anymore because most aspects of the game have been discussed, analysed and rehashed to the point where there isn't much new stuff to discuss anymore. And wotlabs has never tried or had a reputation for going easy on people asking silly questions.
  24. For a moment I misread "sprem" and the mental image it conjured was quite disturbing..
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