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  1. Since the issue with my XVM anti-camo isn't resolved by the Modxvm team (my t-44-100(p) has zero expected values and WN8 shoots through the roof, currently it shows as 7600), I got another ban, "for fraud". Fraud -- moschennichectvo in russian is what our tomatoes click "to punish a cheater". 

    Good thing it is only a chat ban. 


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    2. Shoop_da_whoop


      Stats have just updated, all is well, if a bit too late

    3. seriych


      @Shoop_da_whoop Problem was solved 2016.03.02. But from 2016.03.07 to 2016.03.12 the problem could be repeated. Now It must be solved again.

      If you have problems with XVM statistic, write to http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57- and insert into post:



      @Kitten Yes, this tank was added, it was XVM error. But there are many tanks, which are not present in the table.


    4. Kitten


      @seriych let me know which ones! I will add them in next update; I can only add ones that I know about :P

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