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  1. Nope, check the mantle. On standart T-44 it partially overlays with the turret armor.
  2. Ah, true. I myself would take T-44 over the CDC any day, but on RU CDC is still regarded as a pro_player's choice Here's another downside in comparison with the original T-44 I forgot to mention -- the turret on this tank is cheese. Like, swiss cheese. But it's still low profile and with some quality wiggle you can ricochet/dodge enough shells to outdpm your tier 6-7 opponent in a hull-down fight.
  3. Hai! The tank is slightly better version of the original T-44, really great premium for someone used to play truemeds. The only downfall in comparison with the T-44 is low module health, tracks+red engine are rather frequent. But with 100% repairs and a big rep-kit I had no problems with it. At first I played it with a lot of gold, rammer/vents/stab and I had about 2000 dpg (my 416 has 2300 for comparison), but then I switched to economy mode and only kept big-rep and a few gold rounds, also changed vents for optics -- my dpg fell to 1800 but my percentage stayed the same, 65 -- mos
  4. That was harder than it should have been
  5. T-34-2 - 20110 - 20AMX 50 100 - 23Rhm B WT - 21Jagdpanther II - 26Ferdinand - 20VK 45.02A - 12Tiger II - 23Panther II - 5-3=2 Epitome of all boring, weak, pew-pew mediums on Tier 8. I hate boring tanksIndien Panzer - 17STA-1 - 21O-Ho - 21AT-15 - 20Charioteer - 17T69 - 18Pershing - 26T32 - 28ISU-152 - 21SU-101 - 17Obj416 - 25+1=26 Now that's a fun tank! A tank that really forces you to think during the countdown and rewards you so much for the right calls. Single tier 8 tank playing which I don't care about the amount of tier-10 battles.T-44 - 20IS-3 - 35KV-4 - 21
  6. Nah, I checked the russian source. He was talking about a single branch.
  7. Several times during that game I was contemplating a "what should have I done better" topic. But in the end it's all good.



    And my Skoda already has 5 Radleys after like 220 battles. #Balanced

  8. 416 for consistent DPM and scouting, IS-3/5 for meatiness, Pershing/t32 for versatility. And watch these streams if you don't mind russian speech on the background
  9. Well, I watch a lot of russian streams and some of the streamers have connections among the developers. It's just rumours still but they all say T9-10 will be nerfed.
  10. Ru-forum lurker here. The nerf indeed was cancelled. Basically what isn't in the test-server patchnotes, isn't going to happen.
  11. Honestly, after playing 900 battles with T-44-100 (which is basically just elite T-44) I wouldn't recommend a prem without sheltered MM if you want to simply farm in randoms. If you need good crews for your russian meds, sure, pick the T-54.
  12. Small correction: although Berlin crews do have 0-skill BIA, they don't have any additional experience, female crews on the other hand have 0-skill BIA and a free exp to unlock one perk already on them. You wouldn't lose BIA on both types of crew whatever you do.
  13. And don't forget to find some World of Warships invites, usually it's a low-tier prem ship and a few days of prem, and prem works in WoT too
  14. That is not exactly true, by the way. Both FV4005 and E3 are used on some maps in competitive play, even on the highest level.
  15. Basically this. And use the Quartet (and a light, ELC would fit, even with just 100% crew) to complete the 1st set of IMs for girl-crew for your USA/German med of choice. Also find someone willing to platoon with you and become her/his recruit. These x3, x2, x1.5 exp multipliers are completely worth it, nevermind the benefits for a recruiter (1 000 000 creds, a crew with 2 skills, and finally the T95E2).
  16. Reroll on RU, problem solved On a more serious note, if you do reroll (or manage to play on RU by some other means), I'm sure there will be plenty of people who'd like to platoon with you.
  17. Oh yea. The weirdest thing for me is when you actually flip and roll, it doesn't do any damage. Like that: http://coub.com/view/c10g7
  18. Well, it's going to be buffed with the first batch of rebalanced premiums. It may actually become a decent machine, if they buff something meaningful, like mobility or some gun stats
  19. Guys, just to let you know. WG doesn't plan to nerf (or correct) this tank in the near future. http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1754717-t110е5-когда/page__st__20__p__42905315#entry42905315
  20. Shoop_da_whoop

    LLTB grind

    Well, tanks.gg indeed says that -5 is only with the stock gun. But I can swear that with 2nd gun it feels like 5 degrees too. The chance that I'm wrong and not the tanks.gg site are much higher, that's true Other gun buffs are nice and well but for cicrle-strafing are not really important. Tracks are a must, that is true. It is only with HE that it becomes extraordinary. SPIC is penned by 50mm much more ofthen than not. Other lights would require aiming -- hence, not viable.
  21. Shoop_da_whoop

    LLTB grind

    Yeah, it's 4.1 with rammer, BIA and vents for top gun and 4.2 for the one with 144 base pen. Frankly I ended using 34-85 gun just to have more gun dep, since LTTB is great as a scout killer and gun dep (or lack thereof) with top gun is bad for pursuits. 194 gold pen only failed me against E100/Stug E100, but they are a rare prey for LTTB anyways.
  22. I like how it looks like a fossilised scene of arhaic life


    1. Spartan96


      yeah that graphics setting is pretty archaic :^)

    2. Usa_Rox_All
    3. Shoop_da_whoop


      Duhh, we in Russia play on potatoes, it is known

      (I play on XPS 13 '15, but the result is basically same)

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