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  1. Several times during that game I was contemplating a "what should have I done better" topic. But in the end it's all good.



    And my Skoda already has 5 Radleys after like 220 battles. #Balanced

  2. I like how it looks like a fossilised scene of arhaic life


    1. Spartan96


      yeah that graphics setting is pretty archaic :^)

    2. Usa_Rox_All
    3. Shoop_da_whoop


      Duhh, we in Russia play on potatoes, it is known

      (I play on XPS 13 '15, but the result is basically same)

  3. So there is huge upheaval on Ru-forum about the supposed IS-6 HD-nurf, huge enough for Storm to personally descend and post detailed pics of armor layouts and several replies, but people still demand buff or repay in gold.

    Guess IS-6 will never be OP enough for an average pubbie...

    Or is it actually that bad after 9.14? I haven't had a chance to try yet. /s





    1. Medjed


      Bad after 9.14?? For fucks sake it got buffed with HD model to even more ridiculous level.

    2. Shoop_da_whoop


      Yeah, that's kinda my opinion too, since I only have T-44-100 as a T8 prem, it didn't get any easier to pen 'em. I really liked that hole in the gun mantle. 

      But there is still chance for another buff, after 200-and-counting pages of shutpoasts.

    3. Assassin7


      I could of sworn it actually got some sort of mega buff...

  4. Since the issue with my XVM anti-camo isn't resolved by the Modxvm team (my t-44-100(p) has zero expected values and WN8 shoots through the roof, currently it shows as 7600), I got another ban, "for fraud". Fraud -- moschennichectvo in russian is what our tomatoes click "to punish a cheater". 

    Good thing it is only a chat ban. 


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    2. seriych



      tank_id level type nation short_name
      61185 10 HT ussr Obj. 777 II
      56865 10 MT usa M48/T54E2
      63745 10 MT ussr (R) T-62A
      19217 10 SPG germany Grille 15 L63
      62785 8 HT france AMX M4 49
      62737 8 HT germany VK 100.01 P
      62721 8 HT ussr Kirovets 1
      40193 8 HT ussr KV-5 IGR
      63761 8 MT germany Pz. 58
      15441 8 MT uk Chieftain/T95
      57377 8 MT usa T25 Pilot
      38721 8 TD france AMX AC 48 IGR
      62481 8 TD germany Skorpion
      62209 8 TD ussr KV-4 KTTS
      62993 7 HT germany VK 45.03
      62225 7 HT germany VK4502P
      40225 7 HT usa T29 IGR
      64017 7 LT germany M41 90
      61713 7 TD germany Steyr WT
      39937 7 TD ussr SU-152 IGR
      60161 6 HT ussr Obj. 244
      56145 6 MT uk Sentinel AC IV
      63249 5 MT germany Turán III PT

      Statistics of all these tanks is available in the WG API, and when different resources calculated wn8 for this players, they are obtained different results.


    3. Shoop_da_whoop


      @seriych Everything works fine now, but why the hell 15/63 Grille is listed as SPG? Another fuckup on WG's side?



      19217 10 SPG germany Grille 15 L63
    4. seriych


      I don't know. I know only tank id's. I took the vehicle info from the third-party file.

      I checked game files now, it's AT-SPG.

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