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  1. Minimap without XVM Reasons being potato comp and how resource hungry xvm is become for me, so trying to go simple as possible. 1. where to find AKA please link 2. any ideas to make a new/start over mod 3.off topic but use too bee such mod from locatsan i think, but aka RIP mod career
  2. how can i get the .png files to use {{v.nation}} to connect the route of each image file? any help would i would be such a relief . if this helps "<img src='xvm://res/icons/carousel/{{v.nation}}{{v.marksOnGun}}.png' to see what i'm missing
  3. Where the hell did my Tetrarch go !@>.<@!??? Now i have a T1e6 WTF!!!

  4. Tired of being broke on WoT, well grab your Premium Tanks and lets go! Looking for invites to spam or be spammed AT.Both Pref and Reg cash T8sTimes vary : Mostly NA Est. West for change up & PlatoonsGL HFTonks for wasting your time :^)
  5. I did some editing of my own for the damage blocked and move to the left side under the chat box. Which i really like makes it simple but easy to glance at in game. Changes Made : "position" : { "x" : 0, // координаты элемента по оси Х. "y" : 520, // координаты элемента по оси Y. "align" : { "x" : "left", // выравнивание элемента по оси Х (left, center, right). "y" : "top" // выравнивание элемента по оси Y (top, center, bottom). } maybe make this default or I'll can keep as personal preference.
  6. if you get it working could you possibly add damage blocked also? <3
  7. I keep having CTD with only adding Selaaim to the mods used and even with deleting that mod still issues.
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