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  1. Fun dank http://wotreplays.com/site/2068121#hidden_village-bajaz001-amx_13_75 Almost had it
  2. Bajaz001

    The M103

    Same here. I dont have T10 gun, but still it's meh tank. Gun is ok, i love HEAT pen, but overall speed and armor is meh. Still I got better feeling when i drive M103 than E75. I developed special hate for stupid E series. Arty loves him, and i hate arty. In few games, without elite configuration wn8 is pretty low ~1500, and WR is sub 40% but i'll get it eventually.
  3. OP russian shit, -90. I knew it.... Maybe he can shot behind walls.
  4. Anyone, SD vs HD comparison Hit'em up
  5. Just look at WN8 list. That's what i'm trying to say. BTW i love Courier Y'all can thank me later--SR
  6. Rly? On long term most teams are like this... Your font is bad. And yes, this is abuse of power :)--SR
  7. My advice, please buy GTX970 and don't go for retarded companies. Many times good/excellent overclock companies are shut down, because of poor sales of overpriced hardware. So look for warranty and big sales numbers (mostly cheap OEMs) and there you go. Fuck fancy coolers, and LEDs, go for bang for buck. (and savings on GPU spent on more ram, ssd and stuff like that).
  8. My first Can agree. I thought that it's full yolo dank, but it turns out i have to be conscious like i'm in Cent 7/1. BTW my first 7K game in T-54 http://wotreplays.com/site/2019847#overlord-bajaz001-t-54 Today i past E75 shit in WN8 this might be long relationship... 140 or 62?
  9. I have working 1.4.0 i'll post DL link after i upload it. Stronk upload
  10. Even after game like this i feel pain. Thank god that other team was usual utter shit. No HEAT was fired. Still i think it's shit and highly overrated. http://imgur.com/mXUoTHm
  11. Will do, although i didn't find one on stock today in my 3rd world banana country.
  12. Dump some when you do some ownage. T-55A is nice
  13. If i lost my imaginary 1M $ i'll be less disappointed than driving this shit. What an overrated shit.
  14. I asked this several times with no luck, is it possible to get back old #code style post editor? I hate this automatic shit, i have no control over post editing.
  15. Damn maybe this lowers X99 stuff, and i get some killer deal to switch Z97
  16. http://wotreplays.com/site/2012993#arctic_region-bajaz001-fv4202 no_name_cro took hack my account and use FV to piss on retards.
  17. On monday i'll place order for Dell U3415W I was thinking Dell 27" 2K or U3415W and i went for curved one
  18. How to add funds via PP. I want P2 (or P3) badge but PP only asks amount not user...
  19. I always look for killer deal. I bought HD6850 (back in time) for bargain 100€, and later on moved to HD7850. Now I'm running DCU2 GTX570 and probably i'll upgrade to 27" Dell this month, that means at least GTX970. Also i'm not big fan of pricy stuff like stupid coolers, LEDs, and shit. I like simple, "low cost" stuff that gets JOB DONE. For example my friend bought crazy OC RAM 16GB, i went for 24GB (and possibly 32GB this month too) @ 1600 (and what is more crazier i OCed RAM at 1866, which is more than enough), he bought some shit Toxic and triple went dildo VGA card, i went for vanilla one (DCU2 was bargain too). Anyway you get my point, i always went for quantity than quality. Hell i run i5 (other PC) on H61 MBO which cost me roughly 25€ and i get same (or better!) scores in benchmark (that doesn't matter but he insisted) than his Z77 MBO On side note, i had some pricy shit like ASUS 875 boards (it went caput in about 30 days of usage), Gskill RAM i had 2x2GB 1000MHz, they gone bad twice in about 2 years... Also i look for longer warranty.
  20. I have mixed feeling about this, i like Win7 and i have it for while, also Win10 is nice (finally) but i don't like hassle of CLEAN instal. Also i don't trust MS about upgrades, i'll most def clone SSD and try upgrade. If everything went ok i'll stick with 10, if not get back 7 from backup.
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