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  1. Atago. Combination of speed, stealth, fire chance, and offensive torpedo placement means that in this thing can still pull its weight in higher tier games. When top tier, its tankiness and heal allow it to bully lower tier CL/CAs. It overall is very flexible and really excels at proving fire support for DDs (thanks to its stealth), kitting and and harassing pursuing enemies, and lighting ships on fire from range. Its weaknesses (terrible AA and huge citadel) can be mitigated by angling and using defensive AA appropriately, so it's not a big deal really.
  2. You're an asshole. I personally have a Lenovo Y510P. It costs a good amount, ~$800, but it is extremely durable and a good size. In addition, it is a good gaming laptop -- I can run Wot at the highest graphic settings with ~50 FPS.
  3. It's ironic that you're telling someone to 'learn to aim' when you frequently spam full gold. Nothing against the use of gold -- it's your money, but aren't you being hypocritical?
  4. I don't mine to be "that guy", but you are using illegal mods (enemy turret direction and enemy reload timer) and could get banned if you upload photos showcasing them. You never know -- some pubbie can go on here, see this, and send a ticket which can result in some sort of punishment. Be careful what you upload
  5. This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever witnessed while playing this game. An enemy E-75 thought his tank could "float" and he, therefore, decided that it was a good idea to try out his swimming skills!! He then drowns and starts calling BS and blaming WG for a failed game design. What is the biggest fail you've ever seen in a game of Wot?
  6. Note: this was taken from the wotlabs forum.
  7. In addition, anyone leaving wot for AW?
  8. Thank god! In AW, arty will actually be FUN!!
  9. Just a little sketch...and yes I am mad. Note: this is not my sketch -- taken from the forum.
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