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  1. Being clumsy and unhandy is eventually going to pay off. Pork, do you offer lessons in tree cutting? ^_^
  2. T49 or 13 90 will always be niche tanks. That leaves a door open for them to become viable again. E.g. If bulldog no longer in format, some teams might pick 13 90.
  3. My opinion: 1) It would be superior to jump to tier 8+ to grind free xp instead of lower tiers. 2) British crews are useless unless you want to grind arty / FV251b. Not the best investment. 3) The waffle line is currently better with the missions in mind (unless E3).
  4. Cewl, I'm autistic and 22y old! Let's change this thread to "Autistic Confession HYPE". It's the best that's going to come out of it anyway, lel.
  5. A challenge is something that is difficult to achieve. Nope, grinding isn't a challenge. Even bots can do it.
  6. It's like Little Richard video's. Great stuff but less make-up and drugs would have went a long way.
  7. So in short: You want to flex, L2P, DPM, carry lategame etc... Buy E5 / 140 You want to shoot siemka's to pieces at a random corner. Buy E100 / IS7 Similar win% results, hard (wn8) or easy (boring) method. _________________________ More on topic: Don't cornerfight an E100, unless he's baddie and doesn't fires heat. In all other cases you're going to lose over halve your hp.
  8. Hold on, are you sure that's a positive?
  9. Wallet warriors: Now also available in your WoW shop.

    Why don't we add a feature where people can bot / buy their way to tier 10. Like how much fun would it be if three of those platooned, bought an E-100 and ended on your team.

    Hold on...  We already have that, don't we?

    1. UnusualMedic


      Welcome in the MMOs of today.


  10. People wouldn't switch gender for convenience... There must be a reason: psychological, embrional, ... There are elements pointing towards an objective medical cause... In other words: transgender people aren't making their story up & deserve a fitting medical treatment. It's good that the community can provide a (partial) reimbursement. As for most un-explained conditions there are non-believers, that's their right and I respect that.
  11. If faster reload and gun handling is required, there is T71. If you must have a singleshot, there is wz-131. I prefer the autoloader. Clip potential ~ 13 90 without most downsides (e.g. vertstab) and a tier lower.
  12. Get the turret and gun leading to 140. Those are essential. Gun is most important but I don't know if you can mount it on stock turret.
  13. I'll reform my question: Switch roles, assume you are the doctor/psychiatrist: How would you 'diagnose' your patient as being 'transgender'?
  14. Personally: it's mainly important that purple posters have reliable content. It's what 'we' as wotlabs community state towards all wot players. We need to make sure that the info isn't false. Otherwise deniers are going to cherry pick, spread lies and prevent newer players from joining wotlabs.
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