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  1. Truthfully I find the Super Pershing to be a lot of fun, and not a half bad tank either.
  2. ZIDDYGOOP HAS NO RESALE VALUE also Happppy new yeaaaaar!
  3. No lie, the only matches where I've done better than Rex are when he falls off a cliff in a KV-5 or the enemy artillery space zoinks him at the start of the round. This guy has serious cheetz and as such clearly belongs on the cheater list.
  4. I would love to, it's been so long I might be awful though.
  5. last post june

    wtf zid you're not making quota

    1. MeltedTracks


      I'll get the whip out, you got 2 hours zoddy.

    2. MeltedTracks
    3. Tuco22


      crack dat whip melted, crack it gud

  6. I told you to install that 'In case of severe weather, hug boyfriend' panel. BUT YOU DONT LISTEN TO MEEEEE
  7. It's a large teamspeak that hosts a lot more than just petco, they are guests on our server. If this about the current drama regarding them I've been in touch with their commander and we're working on resolving things.
  8. I'd say it looks like you've done well enough on your own intuition. Your system is better than mine in every way AND you're going to be SLI'ing. Considering I just rebuilt mine a couple months ago to be good for the next few years I don't think you've got anything to worry about with that build. Gib i7 plox
  9. I think rex should pursue that field of work immediately.
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