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  2. Came back to destroy my recents! Stay tuned! ^-^


  3. I guess Turtle strat was right about D-O-S coming back. Nice.
  4. 1XDDVWo.png



    1. Cunicularius
    2. Solono


      that Paypal ad tells you exactly what you have to do. :doge:

  5. I think I've about had it with this game. Every game I see where there's a bulba platoon on the other team or artillery I don't want to play against I just drown or suicide now. Game isn't fun yo.

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    2. KillerTiger


      i eat bulba toons 4 breakfast

    3. Droplet


      The problem isn't playing against them, it's that they'll eat the team so quickly while I can only do so much with one tank.

    4. OneTrueLeader



  6. Literally the best one in the entire thread.
  7. I usually just drink a lot of Dr.Pepper then fail my finals.
  8. It's called osu!, it's a game where you click circles based on beatmaps created by other players for songs. It is predominately anime but there are some really good rock and pop songs if you can find them.
  9. So there's this game I've been playing as of late, I've seem to be as hooked on it as "kids" are to phonics apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHQuRQAZh6E&t=132 So here's a video of one of the World's best players. Who is currently banned, because he used hacks and is currently in his appeal for it. I'll upload a video of where I am compared to that. (The answer is not close.)
  10. At 11861 games. I can't get the exact number down, but it was on the day I hit that number, as I gained 4 Wn8 points boosting me to purple overalls.
  11. So I think I've gotten this 4k barrier down. Next goal is 5k Wn8. Since I've been back from my break, I've been able to play at a 4.5k Wn8 with over 75% win rate every time so far. (Usually solo of course) I've been able to pull extremely high Wn8 when focusing purely for win rates, but I tend to get really disappointed when I lose my matches. If I didn't play like trash I'd probably have ended up with 5-6k Wn8 for the day. But I fucked around for a few matches while in a platoon, then got EXTREMELY salty (ask Tempest_). Also, we beat another team in our qualifier for Gold League,
  12. I love you Bjshnog please come back to this game so your goodness can spread down to me. ;~; EDIT: I meant like skill. >~>
  13. HAVE YOU EVER CARRIED AN ENTIRE GAME AGAINST ALL ODDS? http://wotreplays.com/site/1938085#lakeville-droplet-object_140

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    2. Flaksmith


      medals confirmed best metrik NA

    3. Luna


      Even without checking I know the link assassin posted. Keke

  14. Why are all my friend's super duper unicums now who I used to believe I was comparable in skill to? You, Bibbio, Nightmare_Luna, B0aty, Drunken_Walrus, Seedeath, 2127Faerthereaper, Mordator, and other friends who I just can't think of at the moment have all become insane at this game. (Some of them starting to get an ego. ) Like what the hell. I thought I was pretty good, then everyone was like, ayylmao I'll just git gud faster. I don't know how B0aty managed it so quickly, but everyone is showing me up. ;~;
  15. Wait, what the hell? People actually hold down left click in order to shoot in autoloaders? I just spam left click repeatedly in order to get shots out quickly. >.>
  16. http://www.twitch.tv/droplet_na - Trying out streaming, tell me what to improve on stream wise. Kthx.
  17. 25%? Jesus Christ, you must be rich. I at least always carry at least 10% of my full ammo count. Or enough to kill the tank with the most HP at my tier.
  18. Whenever I'm online just message me if you want to platoon.
  19. Play for the win. Wn8 is the byproduct. Also if you're low tiering it, you're literally padding.
  20. Only 11 more days before AW test comes out for early supporters who bought their packs. Fucking finally, a dev team that isn't filled with retards.

    1. westybig


      got the lord of war pack ,so keen to try it out. storm from WG is literally a fucking retard fuck him and his company

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      "we are now aware of the ghost shell bug"

      >10 patches after it started

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      "lord of warpack" lelelel

  21. It's the only place I can get people to notice my virtual internet points in a video game.
  22. I don't think anyone actually cares. Clans that had a legacy make people think of the good ol' days. Clans like Purpl who were cocky as fuck still have a place, that is if they return after a long hiatus. Now, them blowing up like the death star after -G- just waltzed in was pretty funny, and is honestly the only extreme plaster everyone has on their head, but Enjoy still should be able to come back. No one cares if they made you feel bad. Now if you have power, you can do something about it; but you don't, so there is no point.
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