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  1. OK, so I don't know whether I'm wearing tinfoil and defeating myself or if this is a thing. I swear to God my MM and RNG changes when I have personal reserves active. It's like the game sees I'm using them and says "Nope. You're not gonna be finding that useful." I then proceed to get team after team of players who seem motivated to lose, accompanied by RNG that sends my blood pressure through the fucking roof. I'll bounce 5 shots in a row, easy-to-use with careful aiming, targeting weakspots, etc. I dunno. But I'm probably in my own shitter head about it. Anyone felt this way?
  2. Tried your advice last night. Your note about having the time to settle into it was insightful. I started with IS-3, currently the longest reload time I have, then IS-6, then T26E5, etc. At any rate 24hr WN8 went up by around 450. Dunno if it's a fluke or what, but thanks.
  3. So been messing around with my terribad stats, using this and vbaddict. Trouble is I feel like these tools are in read only mode, like if I have a good or bad day the stats reflect it and that's not ultimately surprising. So what I'd like to is sort by dmg/wn8/exp relative to maps. Basically identify which maps I perform poorly on, consistently. Then I can work on my positions and tactics for those maps. Is this possible anywhere, am I missing it on one of these sites and just being hurrdurr?
  4. So simple question, maybe a ridiculous one. Do you have a starting lineup that you stick with when you start a session? I find that much of my success over 20+ game sessions starts with the first 3-5 games. Conversely, when I have a dozen games of poundings, it usually means I started badly. That said, what I'm trying to do is start out with my Tier 8 prems, M4 Rev, IS6, T26E5. That way at least I'm making a little extra if the game goes poorly. What ends up happening though is my playstyle is all over the place from those 3 different tank roles, and then I don't recover until ten games in. By that point, winrate and patience are in the shitter and I feel like I'm climbing out of a hole all session. So talk to me about your starting lineup ritual, either with tanks or meta and mindset, or both. Or are you all just so good that you start high and stay high?
  5. That's a good point, not spotted=not shot, usually. And Fulcrous I appreciate your comments, really. But that's also similar to what's already widely available as "Advice" on Wotlabs- all really good, but I need someone to watch me try and hump all those decisions at once and tell me which I'm neglecting or doing poorly. So back to the point- can anyone spare some time to toon/teach?
  6. Ha! Clickbaited you! So let's assume there is some good advice here on Wotlabs. I've been steadily improving, but it's quite modest. I'll have a 3.5k damage game in my E5 then do zero damage the next game. Then for several games I'll get maybe 2 or 3 shots, if I'm lucky. I think there's a lot of sound advice on here, but there's also a lot of disparate advice. Some examples: 1. Aggressive Early Positioning 2. Play passive 3. Farm damage, fuck pubbies 4. Follow pubbies and use them for meatshields (I like this, but it never works for me) 5. Go middle 6. Go corridor Tactically- I think each one of these has merit. But the overarching theme of PP interaction here is this: learn when to do what. Everything depends. So I watch, I installed XVM and when I 'splode I watch the best player on the team. If i have a shit game I pull up WotReplays and study the map meta and tactics on that tank. If I get consistently blasted by the same tank I look at its weakspots. But quite often I wind up in a great position with every arty in the game on me. Or getting focused. And then the teams... I know wotlabs frowns on blaming the team, but I'm just not good enough to read the battlefield yet and turn it into a carry. I've tried a few clans but the ones I was in got their asses kicked in Companies and CWs. They had a very "relax, it's all fun and games" attitude- which attracted me until I realized I wasn't improving and it sucked being on a losing team of shitters every week. We'd roll out and everyone was all "ok, guys, let's get after it!" like we had a fucking chance then after the stomping we'd sit around and talk about "what went wrong." We were all varying degrees of shit-flavor who had no business playing CW, that's what went wrong. They'd coddle and diddle each other like maybe RNGesus would smile on them next game and we'd win... So the higher-level clans obviously wouldn't take me because stats. So I've been trying to solopub warrior monk and I'm losing my fucking mind. My end goal is to get stats in solopubs high enough to play with a clan that wins- or at least doesn't get shitstomped every single game. To get down to it, I feel like I can only focus on one thing at a time- like a golf swing- but when I do some other variable will present itself. I need someone who can watch the way I play and give me the MOST important 2 or 3 things to work on. So for reference the tanks I'm playing (and enjoying) at the moment are: T110E5 T-10- planning on getting IS-7 M26 Pershing- not sure if the Pattons are worth it? T32 - love this thing. It's the tank that taught your cold english wife how to hull down, which I probably should have done in the T29, but yolo. Also have a bevy of premiums that I enjoy to varying degrees: M4A1 Rev, T26E5, IS-6. I have an IS-3 but I'm considering dumping it. I dunno, I've been an absolute shitter in it recently. God I ramble. TL:DR-- So all that said anyone willing to platoon up with me and show me a few things? I'm usually on USE, on at crazy hours but I'm on a LOT. If so, just hit me up here or in game and I'd be much obliged.
  7. Yeah. I'm still gonna try it. I'm a tired WoT shitter. So I'll go over there and be a shitter... then one day I'll write my novel. When I realize there is no happiness in internet tanks.
  8. Man. Did not mean to start this intense a conversation, but I like the zesty debate. Truth be told, I was a little drunk when I started this thread and only did it after I had a brutal night of losing. Hence the whole negative tone of the original post, which I apologize for. I know wotlabs tries to be above the rage. I don't typically rage in chat. I normally try not to be the tomato FC, but sometimes I will say something like "north flank has fallen, need to push X" or whatever- and I say that not because I know better than anyone, but because no one else is saying it, and if they aren't watching the map (which I still very often fail to do) it might help to have a reminder. My recent policy has been to stick around if I die and try to help the team. It's just that sometimes I'm too emotionally invested in the win, and not my own performance- that can lead to frustration. I think going forward I'll just try to hold myself to a higher standard and not blame losses on teams. Oh, and I don't run xvm, so I never have any idea about percent to win, stats, etc. I like to enter every battle with the real expectation that we CAN win. Anyway. Appreciate the debate around this. Trying to improve at internet tanks is quite the journey.
  9. Hey WW- really appreciated that last one you reviewed for me- mind taking a look at these two? These are both rough situations for me, and I nearly always struggle to play well, especially on Steppes: open map, bottom tier, heavy, with arty. UGH. I just don't know how to handle myself, so the enemy derps me. Then you'll see me say "fuck it" and drive all the way across the map and try to ram an E75. Not proud of that one. Think I stopped playing for the day after that game. http://wotreplays.com/site/1787496#steppes-hideshi-is-3 The next one was a win, which is fine, but I just never feel comfortable on that map. I hate playing the shitter poke a boom bs on that ridge where I went, but I can't think of a better option to do with myself. I went in for the T57 because I saw how "passively" my team was playing, but I know shouldn't have done that... idk. What do you do when you're bottom tier in these games? http://wotreplays.com/site/1787522#tundra-hideshi-is-3 Thanks again, I really appreciate it!!
  10. When am I not a pubbie?? I wanna make them play as a team so we can win, but God the hatred flows through me so hard... like when I carry the team, get high caliber doing STUPID SHIT and fucking lose!! Or push mid with another heavy and he YOLOs into the fire. But I'm not a part of a clan, I rarely platoon, I'm just trying to solopub my way to gud-dom... So doesn't that make me just another pubbie? Is solopubbing the hardest thing to do well? Or is it just me? Any who. It's the weekend and I just get roflskomped every time while increasing my wn8. This stupid game.
  11. That's great, thanks guys. I'll probably be on in about 20 minutes, that work? Or y'all need to go later?
  12. Anyone wanna help me pad stats improve by pushing people around in IS-6s? Just picked this bad boy up and I'm trying to bankroll some creds ahead of my upcoming T10 purchase. I'm not real good, but I follow instructions. Anyone?
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