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  1. Fuck me I'm installing WoT again....

    1. RutgerS


      Tiger, nooooo, you should migrate to AW like the cool kids

    2. Tigernos


      good point, "installs AW"


    3. RutgerS
  2. New avatar, Rainbow Unicorn Caterfly ftw

  3. Tigernos

    Blitz: Like it or hate it?

    I played it for a few matches on my iphone, controls are a little clunky and I would much prefer to play it on tablet because my huge ass thumbs take up too much room.
  4. Tigernos

    Giant tornado in Michigan confirmed

    I was scared, then I noticed in in Shenanigans and I grew suspicious, then I googled it, now I'm scared again. Hope everyone is okay!
  5. Tigernos

    Give Cuni medal!

    Balls now I have to farther to go to reach godlike posting levels. Unless I start shitpoasting but I'd rather not post than shitpoast.
  6. So bored now, can my notice period just be over so I can leave this job!?

    1. RutgerS


      Hey, I still have 2 months to go! You still need to entertain me

    2. Tigernos


      Fair point, I'll do my best to keep you entertained. My entertainment is on one condition. You must keep going to the gym :)

    3. RutgerS
  7. WoTLabs Forum is currently unavailable We're updating the forum software to version 4. Forum will be offline for the next few hours as we struggle with the update process and use excessive profanity. Edit 1: Jesus fuck this database backup is big.Edit 2: You people post too much.Edit 3: Oh god everything's different, halp.Edit 4: It took me 5 minutes just to find where to edit this damn message.Edit 5: Working as intended.Edit 6: Sooo, we have no theme anymore. Fuck.Edit 7: I hope you guys weren't too attached to the previous theme.Edit 8: I also hope you guys weren't too attached to your sigs. Those might be gone too.Edit 9: Oh nevermind, they're being rebuilt. Sorry for the mini heart attacks.Edit 10: Oh shit, profiles look like Facebook now.Edit 11: Theme editor is pretty damn awesome!Edit 12: Oh fuck, we might have a huge problem.Edit 13: Ok, slowly I'm managing to insert the code for verification.Edit 14: WoTLabs Forum: We aim to entertain even while offline.Edit 15: I'm gonna hear so many complains about the new theme. I know it.Edit 16: I CAN'T FIND THE USER CONTROL PANEL TEMPLATE.Edit 17: FOUND IT!Edit 18: Almost done, I hope.Edit 19: The system only allows me to add ONE extra link in the menu. Are you shitting me?Edit 20: Ohhh I just edited your template and hardcoded more. U mad breh?Edit 21: Now I can't find how to enable the fucking sidebar.Edit 22: Dayum, now you can customize your own sidebar. That's pretty awesome.Edit 23: You can even customize how many status updates / recent topics are shows. W00t! I must admit I was on the edge of my seat as the updates changed and the heart attacks came and went.
  8. Tigernos

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Actually Announced

    I might give the remake a look, I played it when it came out and up to the point where you escape on the bike/truck then stopped playing. Played 8 and gave up on the series, never played 9+.
  9. Don't bother setting deadlines for finding someone, it happens when it happens, I've found with the best will in the world you cant just make it happen. I had actually been single for a number of years and when I decided "to hell with it" I actually met my current girlfriend, three and a half years and still going strong, it will sneak up on you when you least expect it.
  10. Tigernos

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Christ on a bike where do you live? The middle of the Yorkshire moors under a rock?
  11. Tigernos

    Holding your fire button?

    Only time I've consciously held down for continued fire is when a med tried to circle me in my FV215b and I was holding down to fire at him while concentrating more on moving my tank and angling my armour against him while flicking terrified glances back toward the heavies I was holding off to see if they were going to rush me. Another time might be while circling myself like with a Cromwell or something and I'm more focused on avoiding their fire than my aim or rate of fire.
  12. Tigernos

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    If only it wasn't limited by a gigabit switch, holy fucking shit. First world problems much!? hahahaha
  13. Tigernos

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    I was around during the existence of spider tanking Battleships but is was way before I made the move into anything other than soloing missions. So I never really understood the principle, also because when I DID finally move to null the meta had shifted and it was on grid in the fight logi with individual anchors for the ball of combat ships and the pack of logi following them around. Good explanation though I think I get how it worked.