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  1. Thank you. In an update, my appeal was turned down so now I get to wait over a year for a hearing.
  2. Lawyer met and took the case, now I have to wait anywhere from 2 months to a year and a half for the system to decide my ultimate fate.
  3. Had to reschedule for Tuesday but same lawyer, she has a really good reputation in cases like this.
  4. Finally got an appointment with a lawyer Friday.
  5. Battery is in and running fine, thanks to all.
  6. The average wait time from beginning to end of a hearing for SSI is 19 months, as per here.
  7. I give up. No matter what happens more shit just goes wrong, it's just ridiculous at this point so I'm throwing in the towel.
  8. Sorry for no updates,. have been super depressed with property taxes being due, and on top of the stress of trying to find a lawyer.
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