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  1. Either helps immensely but directly assisting is preferred at this moment.
  2. That is exactly what they were doing because revealing what they are doing right now would get you fired and worse with the current contracts and NDAs all of them have. Seattle is not worth digging into.
  3. Yep, definitely smelling a "v29 E-50 and M46 values" will be back and made permanent in V30, just a hunch though.
  4. You're brain damaged, seek help, either from a professional or from gravity.
  5. Give me one reason why ?I shouldn't when you speak ignorantly.
  6. Some things do actually, now I ask how long people want their RO to be.
  7. Post more Fate related material and this thread is locked with no replacement.
  8. Correct, I also kept swapping between calling things "Iodide" and "iodine", throughout, this one is getting a remake anyway.
  9. Downloading means evidence, so make it easier for the cops to bust your loli love.
  10. The only evidence of my chloroauric acid experiment, phone ate the video.
  11. Nitrogen triiodide is already on my list, I'll be making that far away then whacking it. Yeah, piranha solution is very evil, but I always have a basin of water with soap in it just off camera and I never make large quantities of anything. I know exactly the kinds of horror I dance with. I know I don't always wear gloves because I either get caught up and forget (Like with the PS) or I'm lazy and the risk is low.
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