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  1. I would like to ask that members read exactly what the person they are responding to is saying, otherwise you can end up with with faulty conclusions and end up arguing over literally nothing. This won't get you in trouble here, as we are not the morality police, but it does help stop things from escalating to the point where the mods have to get involved.
  2. I hid the post and hit him with a warning, party over, break it up.
  3. Good news, from that screenshot KKKdakota77 is getting a permanent chat ban.
  4. My thoughts on it is as long as its healthy speculation with some insights and knowledge, I'm ok with it. Kankou usually does this, although in a sort of creepy Doitsuistic way sometimes.
  5. I don't personally see a need since name and shame is a venting/humor tool. No need for an entire section.
  6. Solono


    Yours is tolerable and thats all, it makes me guts hurt.
  7. Solono


    By the way, I am the law here. So keep it not bad, gentlemen.
  8. Solono


    As long as it goes into off-topic and they are covered well enough, go for it.
  9. WGNA already knows about this place, so they aren't going to hit threads on their side.
  10. Jack the Ripper is the only real purple Jack, if either of them want the title of "Purple Jack" they better haul themselves to Scotland Yard to find out who he is and fight him IRL.
  11. Solono


    Isn't even a thing anymore, ten years ago it might have been.
  12. Solono


    Shackram is also the first Pony poster, which means he is on permanent probation for forum sullying.
  13. Update to this, turns out getting a hold of people in the office has been made infinitely more difficult due to there being a complication with the office network, hoping I can grab someone next week.
  14. Solono


    Nice to see SEA games on the NA server sometimes, mostly when I am not in them.
  15. I'll check with the office in the morning to see what I can find out then.
  16. Doing it in-game is about the only way, Support no longer accepts bot reports mostly due to the automated system.
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