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  1. I'd say it's slightly overnerfed. There's not much it can do that the other autoloaders can't.
  2. That WR ain't pretty. Better reroll again! joking aside... I don't understand the hostility towards rerolls. Sure I'll laugh at them for leaving everything they had and start from scratch just for a prettier number/color(and also get XVM sniped)... but calling them bad or w/e is just silly. I also don't understand why people thinks overall stats matter. It's not an accurate reflection of someone's skill.
  3. edit: nvm, misread. if they want to buff the 101, then give its 122mm similar stats to 122 54's.
  4. can't understand why people think overall stats even matter. just because you were bad a long time ago doesn't mean you're bad now. there aren't really any guides to make you better once you've already learned the basic mechanics and stuff. just gotta practice.
  5. There's nothing positive arty brings to this game

    -frustrating as fuck to play

    -annoying as fuck to play against

    -low dpg + doesn't help spot/take dmg = not helpful to team

    -last ones to die, drags out every battle

    -low hp, cant farm much dmg/exp from them

    -fucking 46%'er conq gc thinking its a good idea to click a 400 hp 50b who's already getting killed by a friendly t62a w/ 800 hp sidehugging it.


    seriously fuck arty


    1. Trumpetah


      Don't forget how it ignores the golden rule of line of sight which dominates the rest of gameplay.

      Fuck arty.

    2. Medjed


      not only line of sight, but rendering box too....it sees tanks on every single spot on the map while rest of the tanks are limited to a damn box or blind shooting

  6. So... so far I got RO'ed on the other forums for

    -saying "shi*post"

    -calling a suicidal arty player a "scumbag"

    -telling someone to "work on their reading comprehension"


    sigh. how old are these mods, 3?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. uMadXD


      nope, I'm not

    3. The_direwolf


      Well I got an RO 3 days ago bc some guy was asking for the best way to make gold and I was like; 'suck some D that always works'. Panikmanic or whatever his name is has it out for me I swear.

    4. Nehkcist


      Well there goes my chieftain evil overlord with army navy bias theory. Guess it's just random acts of incompetence after all

  7. Jagdpanzer E-100. It's my stress reliever. Easy to play, powerful, and very fun.
  8. ^this before HD it looked menacing.. now it looks like a joke.
  9. yep, my contribution isn't worth as much when there are more competent players in higher tiers will do, after i finish some schoolwork
  10. I rarely platoon, but as I'm playing more high tiers now, I'm finding it more difficult and frustrating to win games and think I'll need to platoon to not lose my sanity. Anyone?
  11. I prefer playing solo but..... screw this. Tired of losing streaks

    Anyone wanna plat? NA server, preferably West. WlWMc7x.jpg

    1. gabse


      I also get these streaks where i am bottom tier 5x times in a row with dark red top tiers so that there is no way to win



  12. Playing the O-I Experimental makes me feel like a dirty sealclubber...

    1. ninjaman217


      wait till everyone and there mothers penetrate you then you wont feel so bad

    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Ninja, the O-I Exp is ridiculously strong in a sidescrape versus even Tier 7s. That's not to mention godlike alpha for a Tier 5 with a non-derp gun and incredible mobility with huge size (a better rammer than the E50 lol).

    3. prolix


      Playing any good tank below tier 8 feels like sealclubbing. 

  13. I like to go east on Serene Coast to brawl with the heavies
  14. Garbad your hate for arty is enough reason for me to idolize you
  15. unfortunately I think the creator of the list(whistling death) realized that everyone was just toying with him and no longer adds people to the list anymore. scrub
  16. Dafk. Shame who? The Whistling death guy or the ones he listed as hackers? If anything, it should be "naming and praising" because most people on the list are proud to be on the list. If the admin thought it was shaming the whistling death person... you didn't even mention his name Sometimes the admins are too strict about enforcing rules or just don't make sense at all. Got RO'ed for 3 days for saying "shit post". I thought WoT is rated for teens or older.. I don't think anyone gives a damn about the word "shit".
  17. Surprised I made it onto the list without submitting myself or asking someone to do it. Am I part of the elite club now?
  18. inb4 they remove pref MM for E-25..
  19. The people who bought the E-25 with $$ will probably be pissed, especially since they'll no longer get the gold value for the tank, only credit value. I for one am happy about this event. The E-25 just didn't appeal to me back then, but now it's my most wanted premium.
  20. I personally disliked the KV-1s and KV-85. I thought the SU-101's gun depression was bad until I played the KV-1S and KV-85. OP, try playing it as a med.
  21. I don't know why it's so low... I almost never camp in it. I actively brawl/do early dmg and take/block dmg for teammates. Could just be a small sample size. Same case with my 263. Barely 50% WR after hundreds of battles, and finally dragged it up to 55% after 1k battles and still going up. And I play mostly solo sooo Why are we even arguing >.> I personally feel it's a good tank. Stop bullying.
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