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  1. i did the exact same thing. someone in chat was saying that i was going to lose a lot of credits. no, not really. I only lost like 1k. the missions really teach you how to be a good player.
  2. i completed the SH-9 earlier today with exactly 15 crit hits to modules. it passed, including 1 dmged track. i completed a 19 crit hit one that failed. on the 15 critical hit attempt, there was an IS7 that i dmged the track and detracked him, obviously they both counted. I'm not sure if they both counted because the tank respawned in same vehicle ( i tagged him in 3 diff tanks, they all showed up independent on report), or because maybe the guy fixed his track and i tracked him again....but im leaning toward the former. but on the 19 crit hit attempt, what i noticed was that if you took out a dudes gun, it might have counted as both destroyed and dmged, and i don't think the mission is programmed to count that as two separate ones if the guy just let the destroyed module repair on its own. so i could have had a few of those dmged modules that sort of double dipped that way and that might be why it didn't count. I don't know what happens if you dmg a module, then hit it again and destroy it-- if that counts as two or one. 15cm HE waffle spam was fun to tard ones way through that mission. also had a 263 spamming HE to play Tonto to the waffles Lone Ranger. dmged modules is what i seek, kemosabe. I hope im not pointing out that circles are round, but one thing i noticed is that i had 3 shells left, but down 700 hp so i went and hopped on the repair station. I didn't reload, but i hit f8 because i couldn't remember if i had 2 or 3 left. it said I had 5! i think it magically restores the clip to full strength! that or i hallucinated it. if that's true, that could be a weapon, but im not smart enough to think how to use it yet.
  3. I did LT 15.4 on Lakeville. performed in RU251. some key elements that allowed this to happen: 1) get north spawn. the rock has saved my ass a lot. also, very few players will want to run all the way to the bend from the south spawn, but its one of my favorite plays to do in object 260. Point being, you needed to win a coin flip to get the better spawn. 1A) enemy team didn't send anything aggressively to get early lights in middle road. I took aggressive early spot. I got some spotting dmg here because... 1B) enemy team had players take poor route to city. this is big. you need them to be in the open, you are hoping for a track shot or two, and hoping for some pens. watching giant HP pools driving sideways not take dmg is one of the most disheartening things this game has to offer. 2) I was able to creep up and get within 445 meters of 2 jagdtigers who camped by the rock in the south. Why they decided this was smart, I don't know. was able to spot them with binocs. enemy team more or less didn't contest the middle 1/3 of the road at all. no other tanks able to get eyes on me. I ran the ru without a rammer for a minute. arty hit them pretty good. 3) was able to shoot at dudes in city without getting lit. was able to even have shots because the fight needs to take place in a lane you can shoot into, and I actually did a good job of connecting on my shots-- 17 out of 19 hit; good for 3K dmg. that's better than my average. 4) needed some good old fashioned luck at the end as I attempted to squeeze more dmg/spotting/tracking by rushing their last guys at base, almost got my tank killed. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I got scared for a second. despite getting extremely lucky and everything going just about perfectly, I still only had 8.5K combined.
  4. WZ is a pretty good choice. I almost had one that qualifed for HT15.3 on sand River assault. Going hull down attacking 0 line.... i also agree about A1 el Halluf from west. That's where I got mine as well on HT12.3......in WZ. I was grinding a VKB explicitly for HT12.3
  5. Maps like Siegfried, ruinberg, and ensk are what you want, with a rangy and close battle component IMO. If you wanted to punt a game to do it, you could easily yolo ensk tracks. Not that I advocate such play... I've also had luck on Redshire by being the first in enemy backfield once middle is secure.
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