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  1. Thank you for your replies. I reread my post and I think I was a bit vague in my question. I was indeed meaning the credit value of selling these tanks. From what I've read and seen on the battles, these are all complete shit tanks, the only thing that is good is that the Chi-Nu Kai has a punchy gun. So if the 1 gold = 400 credits rule is correct then the credit values are: M4imp 1750 gold = 700 000 credits Pz 3K 2200 gold = 880 000 credits Chi-Nu Kai 1500 gold = 600 000 credits So the winner is Pz 3K. hooray.
  2. Hi, tank rewards is kind enough to give me one of these glorious fighting machines and I am wondering which would best suit me. As they seem to be fairly equal in other factors, the credit value of them seems to be the most important factor for me in choosing one. Wot wiki only tells the gold value and I tried to search a bit but had no luck. If anyone can direct me on where to find the values or just staright up tell me them, I'd be really thankful.
  3. Ok nevermind, I bought the SP and threw in the T-25 too. Screw discounts, they are like 5% on tier 8's anyway.
  4. I'm wondering if there are going to be any sales on premium tanks before Christmas? I have my eye on FCM 50t and the Super P. Should I buy them now or wait for an offer? I'm afraid that they might take them out soon and bundle them with something like 10000 gold.
  5. What was the solution, you got me interested?
  6. Little known fact about LABS: we get up to 1.5 times better RNG on our pen and dmg rolls. (apparently Never has some sort of deal going on, possibly universal studios and wg involvement)(( so much off the record, don't tell anyone!)) Proof: My games without LABS tag: 1230 wn8 My games with LABS tag: 1873 wn8
  7. What equipment and consumables should I run on the T-44?
  8. Welcome AwesomeMedic! Labs is still looking for people willing to improve with QuakeTF class names: Open positions: -Engineer -Heavy Weapons Guy -Demolitions Man -Spy Taken positions: Soldier : The_Super_Soldier Pyro : Pyr0freak Scout: scout_in_da_house Medic: AwesomeMedic Sniper: NavySnipers
  9. Weesh said exactly what I thinking. A little competition will only pressure wg to give us a better game. As for the bundle, shut up and take my money!!!!
  10. I'm trying to analyse my play to see on which maps I do the wrong things. How do I tell which spawn is team1 and which is team2 in a given map? I'm looking at my stats on vbaddict.
  11. Thanks a lot, I will take you up on that offer! You seem plenty qualified on my standards I'll send a request when I get in game later.
  12. o7 Me and my brother are looking for someone to platoon with. We are both 1100 wn8 with 1400 recent. Atm tier 7 max but not much way to tier 8. TS3 for comms. We can take criticism, we are both in our mid thirties and willing to learn. We platoon mostly on Saturdays from 4 pm EST onward. We are both from Finland, but communication in English is not a problem. (Sorry, here's some finnish: Jos NA servereillä pelaa muita suomalaisia, laittakaa ihmeessä kaveripyyntöä)
  13. Hi all, first of all, I have to express my gratitude to all of you guys! Thanks for giving advice with such abundance and precision, for everybody who have the great fortune of finding their way into this great forum. I consider to be very lucky that I found this place so early on, with less than 1k battles on my belt. I had a feeling that I was doing alright in the game when I started. Before I got into WOT I played a lot of Dota 2, and in that game you need a lot of knowledge to succeed. It had grown me a habit of watching video tutorials and elite gameplay. I watched some youtube vi
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