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  1. I played around 100 games on friends acc to test it, and its pretty good tank. I noticed that is plays similar to an IS, wih better gun, view range, speed.. so you can keep pretty much the same playstyle (btw, I played IS with 100mm gun), keep in mind that after all its not a medium tank, so dont do stupid shit and you'll do fine p.s. i hope to get mine this weekend :3
  2. I dont have one, but i've heard that it plays similar to is6. Buy it if you have credits, while its on 15% discount.
  3. GetLoki


    >get some gold from tournaments, or missions or whatever >buy type 64 >farm credits in t6 sh
  4. i had similar problem few patches ago when game disconnects and mod puts all dmg taken under one hit
  5. Im tempted to buy su-122-44 for td missions since im too lazy to grind a proper td

    1. KenadianCSJ


      It works pretty good. The E25 is also a good one, make sure you get it this month.

      Why the fuck is that spoilered o_o

    2. GetLoki


      nah, Im EU, but we get 30% off (t7s only) during weekend which is nice

    3. Assassin7


      it works for the Stug ones, but you can't do it for any higher really unless you get insane luck. im talking about the 2K damage to moving targets 250m away and shit. it can't do that, its just not got good enough gun handling or traverse. for the T28 missions I actually had to grind out the T30 to get the last 5 done, after using my 122-44/T67 for the rest.

  6. I'd like to give FCing a shot, but i'll have busy Septembar (college exams), so maybe after that
  7. I filled out your survey, gl with your research
  8. GetLoki

    World of Codes

    I just got this message "Invalid bonus code. Please try again." RIP
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