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  1. Mfw I run out of APCR in 215B and have to shoot HESH at the front at a ST1 and E4...

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    2. leggasiini


      still too much imo

      the ammo capacity is so poor on it, run preferably 0 - 1 HE, MAYBE at maximum 2

    3. Fulcrous


      Hesh is too good to pass up. I try to use them as early as possible when I run them (ie med/light/arty).

    4. kolni


      Yeah, if you run them you need to use them as soon as you can. Shell velocity on it is still alright and given FV accuracy you can just fling them at anything that's paper. (I even ran 2 on the "slow" Conq because US rears are so weak that I almost always fired them). 

      If you have a 50 HP target or something (no matter the tank) I'd also just load it to save a 400HP APCR shell for later too, guaranteed kill + less exposure since you can shoot at angled armour since HE only takes actual armour thickness in account IIRC.

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